Yet Another Warning


Elisabeth Fuchs, Photographer

On August 5, 2013, I was attending a hypnosis course in Boston, Massachusetts.  One of the exercises was self-hypnosis.  The instructor was emphatic that we students practice self-hypnosis every morning and night because of its power to change your thoughts and behaviour by re-wiring your neural network. 

Self-hypnosis is something that I teach regularly as well, but I add-in “tapping” of the thymus or sternum to expedite change.

The course was particularly exhausting and I forgot to do the self-hypnosis that night.  The next day, when the instructor learned that half the students in the class had also neglected the practice of daily self-hypnosis, he lectured us.

Motivated by the lecture, I self-hypnotized just before falling asleep at night.  In the wee hours of the morning, I awoke and looked at the clock.  It was 3:33am.  I decided to self-hypnotize again and took a few deep breaths, relaxed, and started counting backwards from 25. 

As I counted numbers, a page filled with type appeared in front of me.  Before I could read anything, a word surfaced in the middle which read ElohimI didn’t know what this meant, but it looked vaguely familiar.  I repeated the word Elohim a few times to remember and research it later, then fell back to sleep.


Much later, I did an on-line search for the word Elohim and landed on a website called “  As I read the following words, tears sprang to my eyes.

The word Elohim is the plural of El (or possibly Eloah) and is the first name for God given in the Tanakh: “In the beginning, God (Elohim) created the heavens and the Earth” (Genesis 1:1)

In the traditional Jewish view, Elohim is the Name of God as the Creator and Judge of the universe (Gen 1:1-2:4a).

The Holy One, Blessed be He, said to those, You want to know my name?  I am called according to my actions.  When I judge the creatures I am Elohim, and when I have mercy with MY world, I am named YHVH”

In my book, “Diamond Lantern:  Waking-up to Who You Really Are” I described many messages and visions of urgency.  However, I didn’t understand the nature of it all.  Years later, I understand that there is a spiritual crisis and our souls are at risk.  It’s Time to implement The Golden Rule, rise above fear and come from a place of love. 

May I suggest you self-hypnotize yourself each morning and night to change thoughts, words, and actions to positive ones.  Self-hypnosis works. 

Take 3 deep breaths and relax. Count backwards from 25 to 1, then
repeat the following, ten times :
“I am divine, worthy, and live by the Golden Rule”