To be, or not to be …Vegan

vegetables_mixNothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”
Albert Einstein

The grain feed required for meat production contributes significantly to deforestation, habitat loss and species extinction and drives impoverished populations to grow cash crops for animal feed, rather than food for themselves. Vegan Diets require much lower quantities of crops and water.

“As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.”
Leo Tolstoy
  • 53,000 million – The number of animals murdered each year by the meat, dairy and egg industries (does not include fish).
  • 40 million – The number of humans killed in World War I.
  • 70 million – The number of humans killed in World War II.
  • Most common cause of death in U.S.: Heart attack
  • 50% – Risk of death by heart attack for US male.
  • 15% – Risk of death by heart attack for US male vegetarian.
  • 4% – Risk of death by heart attack for US male vegan.
  • 6-10 – The number of years longer a vegetarian lives than one who eats meat
  • 18% – The percentage of world greenhouse gas emissions from animal agriculture.
  • 13.5% – The percentage of world greenhouse gas emissions from all transportation (cars, trains, ships, planes)
  • 1.3 billion – The number of humans that could be fed by the food used to feed livestock in the United States alone.
  • 7.5 pounds – The amount of vegetable protein feed required to create 1 pound of meat protein.
“I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.”  Abraham Lincoln
Temptation on Earth 
Benjamin Franklin (Scientist, inventor of the lightning conductor)
Charlotte Bronte (Author)
George Bernard Shaw (Dramatist, novelist)
Henry Ford (Founder of Ford Motor Company)
Mahatma Gandhi (Politician, pacifist)
Albert Einstein (Scientist)
Sir Isaac Newton (English physicist and mathematician)
St. Frances of Assisi (Italian founder of Franciscan order of friars)
Vincent Van Gogh (Impressionist painter)
 “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  “To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“If a group of beings from another planet were to land on Earth – beings who considered themselves as superior to you as you feel yourself to be to other animals – would you concede them the rights over you that you assume over other animals?”
George Bernard Shaw

“I am not interested to know whether vivisection produces results that are profitable to the human race or doesn’t…The pain which it inflicts upon unconsenting animals is the basis of my enmity toward it, and it is to me sufficient justification of the enmity without looking further.”  Mark Twain

“For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”  Pythagoras



Christian Nordqvist