The Mission of Twin Flames

bcxb5-lion3“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation.”
Paul Coelho, The Alchemist

What’s your mission as a twin soul?  While exploring what it is to be a twin flame, many realizations and some ironies have come to light. In desperately seeking your twin soul, God gives you exactly what you ask for but there’s a twist.  You get what you want in a way you do not expect.

As a hypnotist and deep trance channel, I’ve lost count of the times Jesus, the Angels, or the Ascended Masters have said, “It will happen when you least expect in a way that you least expect it to happen!”  No truer words have been spoken!

People ask me for predictions.  The predictions generally come true but they rarely occur in the way people expect. Truth will always be far stranger than fiction.  Look back and reflect on your plans versus what actually happened.  You can plan your life all day long but what manifests into reality will almost always be different than what you imagined.

The mission statement of all twin flames is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and COURAGE!  Think about that.  We’re here on planet Earth to learn so God gives us growth opportunities, not sure bets.  Why are twin flame relationships so difficult?  They are generally diametrically opposed in terms of culture, distance and age.  They are often intense, painful, and filled with challenges.  If they are incredibly difficult and seemingly impossible, it’s by divine design.

Your mission is COURAGE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  What does that mean?  It means loving someone unconditionally regardless of their circumstances, their age, their appearance, their beliefs, their culture, religion or politics.  That can be the most difficult thing in the world so it requires great courage.

Here’s an example.  You’re a young woman in your 20s and looking forward to meeting a tall, dark, handsome man who will sweep you off your feet, marry you, and be an amazing husband and father to your children. Instead, you fall madly in love with a middle aged man in his 50s.  He’s super handsome but has middle age spread, grey hair, and some wrinkles.  For a while, you don’t care about age gap because he’s so wonderful to be with and your love is blind.  You both love each other more than life itself and become completely immersed in each other.

Over time, however, you become increasingly aware that he looks far older than you and you wonder what people will think. Practically speaking, you know that if you get married to this 50 year old, there will always be a huge generation gap.  In terms of your personal vision, he’s not the young father you envisioned for your future children. You start to feel that you’re being irrational in loving him.  Your family pressure you and finally, filled increasingly with doubts, you pull away, break up the relationship, and get on with your life, searching for that perfect husband and father for your children.

The mission for twin flames is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and COURAGE.  If that mission’s unfulfilled, there’s good news. God always gives you another chance.

In your next life, you’re now a 60 year old man with a wonderful wife, and two beautiful teenagers, a girl and a boy. You love both teens dearly, but somehow, your daughter is particularly special to you.  You love her more than life itself and don’t realize that this is because she’s your twin soul.

One day, your teenage daughter comes home and tells you she’s pregnant but is unsure who the husband is.  She confesses to sleeping with many boys.  You had no idea she was sexually active and you’re genuinely horrified by her behaviour.  What she did violates all your values, your code of ethics, and every belief you had about respectability. How could your own daughter have disrespected herself, disrespected you, and the family? In your heart, you feel her pregnancy will bring shame to your family name.  You are wounded, defeated, and feel her behaviour was a betrayal against you personally.  Suddenly, you can’t think straight and become so enraged that you throw her out of the house and tell her never to come back.  You tell your wife that you’ve vowed never speak to your daughter again.

Devastated, she decides to have the baby and stay with a friend until it’s time to give birth.

You feel remorseful the next day, but decide to keep your word.  Your wife keeps tabs on your daughter, visits and supports her, so you know she’s safe and well taken care of.  Eventually, you decide you’ll take your daughter back when the child is born, but in the interim, must teach her this valuable lesson of respect.  To you, shaming the family is a serious crime.

Your life turns upside down when your daughter dies in childbirth.  Your wife brings home your daughter’s baby, a beautiful little girl. Stunned and brokenhearted, you find yourself despising this child for having taken the life of your daughter.  You hide your feelings but your heart is cold.

As the little girl grows, you both struggle.  It’s hard not to hate your grandaughter because of what she represents. You both test each other at every turn.  You continue to dwell on the past and resent her taking the place of your daughter thinking, “She’s a nightmare. Life’s unfair. I’m too old for this!”

Thankfully, your wife is loving and supportive and makes up for your gruff moodiness toward your granddaughter.

Your granddaughter grows into a beautiful, accomplished, and compassionate person.  You watch as she rises above adversity after adversity then, at some point in your 80s, your heart finally softens, but you continue your gruff moody ways.  No point in changing now.

Then the tables turn.  Your wife dies, your son moves away, and your granddaughter stays to take care of you. When nobody else is there, she is with you.  She is the one you come to rely upon for your very survival.

One day, you finally find the courage to tell her that you’re sorry for being mean and miserable as she was growing up.  You ask for forgiveness.  It seems a miracle when you both connect at a deep profound level.  You reflect upon your past and tell her your struggle after your daughter died.  You both cry.  She was hurt deeply by her mother’s loss too, but she tells you that she understands your reaction.  You both talk for hours, then cry, and laugh, until the tears pour down your cheeks.  She tells you that she always sought to win your love but felt she wasn’t worthy.  You find the courage to tell her now that she’s the most worthy and important person in the world to you, and that you love her unconditionally.

Shortly after, you die.  As your soul is rising above your body, you look down and see your granddaughter sobbing her heart out and hear God’s voice say, “It is complete. You have completed your mission on Earth. Your grandchild is your daughter reincarnated.  She is your twin soul and shall one day join you in the after-life where you will be reunited eternally.  Well done child of God!”


The Courage to be Unconditionally Loving is the only path for all of us, no matter what.
Merry Christmas to all of you!

Elizabeth Rose