How to Hear Divine Guidance

The phrase “do not be afraid” is written in the Bible 365 times.  That’s a daily reminder to live every day with courage.

In January and again in March of this year, 2012, I received divine guidance to drop what I was doing and move to Toronto.  Instead of cryptic telepathic messages and dreams with visual hints that could only be guessed at, specific words were dropped into my head.  In a vision, written instructions were put in front of me that said, “Interrupt your life.  Go.  Do it now!”  An ascended Master put a book and a pen in my hand with instructions to “Go.  Write.  Teach.   Do it now!”

This experience came as a shock.  I wasn’t ready to turn my life upside down.  Instead of dropping what I was doing, I resisted and dug my heels in.  My life had become pretty wonderful and comfortable in Alberta.  We were hiking, climbing mountains, and creating happiness where we lived.  We were learning, growing and seemed to be on-track to higher consciousness.  How could I be asked to up-root like that?  It took another six months for me to finally take action and follow those very clear instructions.  I did so most reluctantly and with a heavy heart.  However, obediently, I packed my bags and moved to Toronto to work on research for my next book.  As before, when I wrote Diamond Lantern, I had once again jumped off a cliff in faith, trusting that I would land safely, and get further along the path to completing my life’s mission.

Before leaving Alberta, I was grief-stricken and had a tearful conversation with a gifted clairvoyant, medium and coach.  I told her I didn’t want to leave, but had to.  She commented that I was being courageous to do as spirit instructed.  Incredulous, I said, “I have no choice.  I’m just following instructions!  Who wouldn’t listen to their inner guidance?”  She laughed. “Almost everyone!  That’s the problem.  Few listen.”

She was right.  It’s difficult to listen to your heart.  Your heart is a channel to the divine and sometimes it asks you to do the seemingly impossible.  But nothing is impossible when you’re divinely guided.  (Note:  This is as much a reminder to myself as to the reader!)

How to Hear Divine Guidance

Here’s an example.  After a few days in Toronto, I felt lost and disconnected.  My research was moving forward with the amazing assistance of Tariq Sattaur at the OHC.  However, for some strange reason, on the weekend, I felt alone and isolated and kept wondering, ‘Where are other like-minded people in this city?  How do I connect with them?’

After writing most of the day, I walked out the door and wandered aimlessly through the city streets.  I happened into an Italian street festival, walked-up and down interesting streets, then stopped by a cafe.  Along the way, I cheerfully said ‘hello’ to as many people as possible.  Few responded.  Many glanced at me in surprize, and some mumbled a greeting with their eyes averted.  Ironically, this triggered my quirky sense of humour and made me more engaging, to the chagrin of my fellow strangers.

How many imaginary barriers do we create in our lifetime?  Certainly, I’ve built countless protective walls over the years, each brick manifested by a different fear.  Happily, many of those walls have crumbled into dust.

Eventually, I decided to catch a subway and head back to where I was renting a room.  However, instead of actually entering the subway, I found myself shopping for eggs and fruit.  I could have bought these items anywhere nearby but for some strange reason, a natural food store called ‘Noah’s Ark’ popped into my head.  It was a long walk but I made the trip.  When I arrived, it was closed.  Across the street was a grocery store, so I went there instead.

As I was walking down the grocery aisle, a voice behind me called out, “Mother Earth!  Mother Earth!”  I couldn’t imagine who would say this in an inner-city grocery store. Again the voice called out, “Mother Earth.  Mother Earth!”  It was a reference to my book, Diamond Lantern.  Stopping, I turned around and laughed when I saw a friendly and familiar face.  It was a young man named Ron who I had met in Toronto years earlier while attending a Louis Hay writing conference.  During a break, we had lunch with his friend Mike and I became amazed at how ‘in-tune’ these two young men were to the cosmos.  They were divinely guided in a way I’d not seen before.

Months later, I ran into Ron again, while standing in line at a Deepak Chopra book-signing opportunity.  I’d just happened to get a ticket for that event when I was in town for a night.  Afterwards, I returned to Alberta, got busy and lost touch.

Ron explained that he had been headed south when it suddenly occurred to him to head north and go grocery shopping at Noah’s Ark.  However, when he found it closed, he went to the grocery store across the street.   Spirit had put us back in-sync and I’d connected with a wonderful like-minded person.  As I listened to Ron’s update, he was even more ‘tuned-in’ to divine guidance and now connected to a community of like-minded people.

That’s how you hear divine guidance.  You listen to your heart.  When people, places or tasks suddenly pop into your head, take action.  Call the person that comes to mind.  Show-up at the place you find yourself thinking about.  With each step, the right people will appear and you’ll be given more guidance.  With each step, you’ll be shown more of the path and the divine design of your life will become clearer.

Think in Faith.  Walk in Faith.  …and be Courageous!


  1. Lovely stories — you’re a great writer!

    When it comes to ideas popping into the head, how does one know it’s not just the monkey-mind? I get random ideas all the time. I’ve followed some of them and rarely (maybe never) gotten confirmation that it was divine guidance. It was just a distraction. It seems divine guidance is given to us from ancient (and contemporary) teachings that speak to our conscience about being honest, loving, faithful, courageous (as you mentioned), humble.

    Looking forward to your response!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. Much appreciated. Ah yes! That busy monkey mind. I know it well. To improve your intuition, may I suggest you read, “Turning the mind into an ally” by Sakyong Miphan Rinpoche and “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell. Also, in my book, Diamond Lantern, you might be amused by how many times the spirits shook me up so that I could no longer dismiss them as my imagination. I’ve since learned to still the mind and ‘listen’ but a friend visualizes a traffic light to get answers. If she sees “Green” it’s yes. If she sees “Red” it’s no. I did this and saw “Blue.” I wondered, what does that mean? It meant ‘this is an emergency!’ Spirit gets pretty specific. Regardless of your technique, practice, practice, practice! Soon, you’ll establish a hotline to divine guidance.