“Helping Kids – One Game at a Time”

Thank you to Harold and to my wonderful friends who sent kind wishes and who appeared at my book signing  today.  It was a very successful day and your support meant the world to me!!!

To my amazement, Martin Parnell and his lovely wife Sue came to the signing as well.  Martin Parnell is helping kids, one game at a time.  His athletic acomplishments and his positive impact on the lives of over 9000 children are inspirational.

Through an old acquaintance, Martin Parnell was introduced to Right To Play, the humanitarian organization that empowers children through sports programs in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world. Wanting to get involved, Martin aimed to run 250 marathons over the course of one year to raise $250,000 for Right to Play. His “Marathon Quest 250” began on January 1, 2010, and after running five marathons a week, Martin completed his quest on Dec. 31st. He covered a total distance of 10,550km (6550 miles) and raised an impressive $287,000.

“QUESTS FOR KIDS” (2010-2014)

10 Quests, $1 million, 5 years, 20,000 kids

To date (May 14th 2012)

  • Total Quests completed: 3

  • Total Donations to date: $377,704.00

  • Time Used: 2 yrs 4 months 14 days

  • Total Children helped to date: 9,540


2004, 2008, 2010 Boston Marathon
2005, 2007 Canadian Ironman
2005 World ITU Triathlon Championships
2005 Tour d’Afrique cycle race
2008 Western Australia Ironman
2008 Canadian Death race (125km)
2009 Lost Souls Ultra (160km)
2010 Marathon Quest 250

Martin you are truly an inspiration to all of us.  Wishing you great success in accomplishing your important mission!!