Find Your Soul Mate

ValentineSearchSoul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then they leave.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and time to get ready for love.  Perhaps it’s time to find your Soul Mate, the one who will really understand you!

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful celebration of love.  However, the real reason for finding your soul mate may be a little different than you expected.

Given the billions of people on the planet, the following chart drastically simplifies the concept of Source, Eternity, Duality and Soul Mates.  However, it does paint a general picture of the belief system many subscribe to where eternity is an endless loop.  Source, having divided itself into individuals, each with their own spark of consciousness, then expands its awareness through creation and new experiences until it’s time for those individuals to return from whence they originatedTo get back to Source, we work to raise our level of consciousness, gather data in the form of experiences, PLUS collect our expanded and scattered soul families and then bring them back home.  This cycle raises the collective consciousness, or level of awareness, of our Source as a whole.

What is a Soul Mate?  Soul mates are people who travel with you through time to love, support and teach you important lessons.

What is a Soul Mate Partner?  Unless you’re a monk, perhaps a priest, or a highly awakened soul, you will always have a soul mate partner out there somewhere who is waiting for you.  Perhaps you’re already with them.  Soul mate ‘partners’ are people who connect with you in a romantic fashion, in order for you to evolve together to a higher level of consciousness.  Finding your soul mate partner is a wonderful thing!  There can be great love in your relationship.  However, it may not mean eternal bliss.  Adversity is our greatest teacher so your soul mate can also present challenges in order to accelerate your growth as a conscious being.  It’s a two way street.  One day you may be the student and the next day you could be the teacher.  Lessons together may take a lifetime to learn.  However, once they’ve been completed, the relationship will come to an end.  Thereafter, you may become ready to move on to another soul mate who offers new life lessons.

In times when I’ve felt lonely, my sense of humour has kicked-in as I’ve recalled that another soul mate partner means a whole bunch of new, perhaps tough, lessons to be learned.  It is tempting to embrace solitude for a while.  However, your soul mate is your best bet to achieving higher consciousness.  Though they will challenge you, they will also love and support you in wonderful ways.  Chances are they’ve been your best friends for an eternity.