Get Ready for Your Twin Flame

Eagle in the Mist“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  Carl Yung

In 2014, I met a friend at an outdoor café in Toronto’s Kensington Market.  We finished our meal and chatted long after the sun went down.  The street lamps came on and I noticed a spirit standing on the sidewalk beside my friend.  It was about four times the size of a human.  It looked more like a tall mound of blue energy and I realized it was an Angel.  I tried to tune-in but didn’t get anything and gave up saying, “There’s an energy form beside you.”  She said, “Oh!  Is it my mother?”  I said, “No, it’s an Angel.”  Just then, I felt disoriented and suddenly found myself delivering messages transmitted telepathically from the Angel.  These messages conflicted with some career advice I’d provided earlier.  Clearly, the Angel had disagreed with my personal view on the subject.

When the messages concluded, I excused myself and headed for the Ladies’ room.  For some strange reason, I was stumbling instead of walking.  The washrooms were down a narrow stairway.  It seemed particularly difficult to focus but I found my way there and back.  It was definitely time go home!

My friend had kindly paid for our meal so we headed out of the restaurant and down the street on the sidewalk.  I’d had zero alcohol but was staggering drunkenly as I walked.  My friend kept pushing to keep me from falling off the curb.  It was funny and we were laughing, but I was a mess and didn’t know why.

At the end of Kensington, a streetcar was approaching so I said a hasty goodbye and flagged the vehicle down.  When I got inside, I was more disoriented than ever so asked the driver to let me off at my stop.  When I got off the streetcar, I felt lost.  Stumbling forward, squinting my eyes, I peered at house numbers until I finally found my house and gratefully walked up the stairs and into the kitchen.

One of my roommates, Alexandre was there.  He observed me for a moment and asked, “Are you drunk?”  I said, “No.  I haven’t had an ounce of alcohol but I’m going to bed.  Something’s not right. Have a good night!”

Opal Angel AN

I landed in bed and was attempting to fall asleep when a ton of messages came through from the Angel.  They were a series of stern lectures.  I hadn’t been fit enough to handle the Angelic energies that were coming through.  The Angel explained that I must become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually much lighter. Instead I’d been getting very little exercise, was addicted to sugar, caffeine, and meat.

It was true.  At different times in my life, I’d been a food addict.  Food junkies live from dessert to dessert, from latte, to latte, from restaurant to restaurant.  We waste enormous amounts of time thinking about what we’ll eat, when we’ll eat, and where we’ll eat next.  Like any addiction, the obsession is a tragic waste of life.

Apart from sugar, I enjoyed a super healthy diet but I LOVED sweets and thoroughly enjoyed sweetened espressos and soy lattés on a daily basis.  I constantly tried to cut down on sugar by eating higher quality sweets like dark chocolate.  However, sugar was sugar and this addictive substance had become the bane of my existence.

Since 2012, I’d generally gone to decaf coffee.  However, just that morning I’d discovered a new coffee shop around the corner and had enjoyed a regular latté.  It tasted so amazing, I left the shop already anticipating the next one.

That was my last latté.  I miss coffee but instead drink water and herbal tea.chicken & egg

I stopped eating red meat and fowl for health and sustainability reasons.  However, I was still eating fish.  Long ago, I rationalized that salmon was so healthy that, surely, it would do my body a disservice to stop eating it?  In contrast, the poor cattle and chickens lived miserable lives and died horrific deaths.  Why contribute to these abusive practices?  Why consume the last moments of fear and agony trapped in their flesh?

In the summer of 2014, while standing in my kitchen wondering what to eat next, a voice BOOMED in my ear, “NO MEAT!”  The voice didn’t need to repeat itself.  I hence forth refrained from eating fish.

A few weeks later, I was standing in my kitchen again, likely contemplating something sweet, when the voice again BOOMED in my year, “NO SUGAR!”  That was it.  I stopped eating sugar until I ate a cookie in December of 2015.  This proved to be a huge mistake.  A handful of cookies later, I had to once again quit sugar.  It was brutal and I’ve stayed away from that addictive substance ever since.

Hypnosis heals by making the unconscious conscious.

One of my instructors, Dr. Sharon Forrest, taught that there’s an emotion behind every illness.  In November of 2014, Angels appeared and facilitated me in countless past life regressions, inter-life regressions, and even future life progressions.  They surfaced and released thousands of years of ancient hurts, wounds and traumas.  Channelled Hypnosis is something I offer clients now.

In April 2015, twenty Ascended Masters stepped-in and began putting me through hours of Yoga routines.  They explained that there’s an emotion in every kink in your body.  Sometimes, around midnight or 3:00am, I’d awaken to find myself in Yoga poses or face down saying The Lord’s Prayer.  Now, I offer Channelled Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Some clients tune-in via Skype.

All of the preparation led to up to June 2015, when the Angels connected me to my twin flame.

He’s now living overseas, thousands of miles away, but is experiencing the same arduous process, hours of past life, inter-life and future life regressions.  His diet has changed drastically and he’s doing Yoga.  As a result of this work, he’s also become a hypnotist, healer and full channel.

“You can only heal others to the level that you yourself are healed at.” Channelled Message

We were born decades apart and live miles apart.  This might seem tragic but it’s by divine design. If we were living together as a couple, focused on having children, accumulating wealth, retiring and “living the dream,” we might not get the real job done.  Our joint mission in this lifetime is to heal ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually, then assist others in doing the same.

It’s time to heal.  Your Twin Soul arrives only when you’re ready.


Eagle in the Mist

Elizabeth Rose