11:11 and Repetitive Numbers

1111In 2000, I was staying in Halifax on business and returned to my hotel room after a gala dinner.  At the gala, I had met a prominent community leader who was interested in collaborating on some joint projects.  Eager to tell my boyfriend the good news, I called him in Ontario.  As we chatted, I noticed the display on my digital clock showed 11:11.  For some reason, this felt quite strange.

Soon after my trip to Halifax, I began noticing 11:11 appearing everywhere.  It almost drove me crazy because I knew it was significant but didn’t know why.

One morning in 2001, I noticed my clock radio displayed 11:11 and was amazed to hear the radio announcer comment, “11:11!  Doesn’t that mean something?”  It was as if he was talking directly to me.

On a Monday in March 2002, my boyfriend called me from out of town.  The conversation wasn’t making much sense.  He seemed to be talking in circles.  Also, he wanted me to visit him Thursday night and leave Saturday instead of spending the weekend together as we had done for the past five years.  Since I hadn’t made arrangements to take time off work, the sudden change in plans was inconvenient.  However, he didn’t seem to appreciate this.  He talked on and on about his rationale but I stopped listening because I suddenly noticed that my digital clock had just struck 11:11.  With no thought whatsover in my mind, I found myself asking, “Are you seeing someone?”  There was no answer.  In silence, I waited.  When the clock struck 11:12 he finally spoke and said, “Yes”.  On auto-pilot, I responded, “Good luck with that!” and hung up the phone.

Stunned, I walked out of my office and headed for the exit.  On the way, I walked by my friend’s desk and looked at her.  Without hesitation she said, “11:11!  What happened?”  I told her and we both went to get a coffee.

The bad news was that someone I loved dearly was cheating on me.  The good news was that my encounter in Halifax took me on a different path, a higher and more purposeful path.  Without my realizing it, the turn of events in Halifax had meant my boyfriend would cease to be the right partner for me.

Seeing 11:11 has since warned me that an event of significance was about to happen.  Though it might be painful, the experience has always been about personal growth, heightened awareness, and moving to a higher path.  Whatever happens, when you see repetitive numbers, trust that the next chain of events will likely be for your greater good.

The following link might tell you more about 11:11 and other repetitive numbers:  http://www.in5d.com/1111-repetitive-numbers.html