Time After Time

Tree Silhouettes R Kitchen“I died as a mineral and became a plant, I died as a plant and rose to animal, I died as an animal and I was Man. Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?” Rumi

In a year, I’ve chalked up hundreds of hours of facilitating hypnosis sessions plus spent countless hours in trance myself, usually caught-up in a past life regression as research for my next book.  When I asked Tariq Sattaur, Director of the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, if it was possible to repeatedly return to the same lifetime to gather more information, he said it was so I began regular past life regression sessions to explore one lifetime in particular.  After a while, I became curious about Tariq’s previous lifetimes so turned the tables and became the facilitator for him.

Throughout the process, I have noticed that the people appearing in my past lives were either people that I know presently, people I’ve just met, …or were about to meet.  As I suspected, Tariq and I had known each other in a previous lifetime.  Like characters in a play, many of the people in my past lives are beginning to show-up in this one.  It’s as if we’re all gathering to play yet another role together.  The world is indeed a stage!

In one past life, in Naples in 1800, my husband died while fighting at sea.  After his death, I bore our son.  During the birth, Tariq asked me to look around and see if other people were nearby.  At the foot of my bed was a maid I didn’t recognize.  However, when I looked-up to my right, a very tall woman was standing beside me.  Though I understood her to be my mother in that lifetime, as I looked closely at her face, I was surprized to see it was my present day sister.

Next, Tariq, asked me to look into the eyes of my child.  To my astonishment, a familiar face suddenly projected out from the baby’s face.  It was the adult face of a lawyer who’d become a dear friend of mine.  In my book, Diamond Lantern: Waking-up to Who You Really Are, that same friend was my little brother when I was an Aboriginal shaman (or shall I say, sha-woman) in another previous lifetime.

There have been a few times when everything about a person in a past life was crystal clear except their face was completely blank.  Tariq once explained that faces are blank because you haven’t met that person yet in your current lifetime.

As part of my research, for months, I continued to go back to one lifetime in particular, where I belonged with a group of closely-knit people.  Three faces were consistently clear as a bell.  However, I also found myself naming people I couldn’t see.

One day, while deep in trance, I saw a man from the group that hadn’t been visible before.  For months, his face and body had been complete blanks though his name came up in almost every past life regression with that same group.  I was amazed when I finally saw him clearly.  He had a determined face, a long robe, and a red headdress that looked like three rolls of cloth stacked on top of each other.

Within a few weeks, I met this person in this present day time period.  However, he was now a she!  Though I didn’t mention anything about this particular past life where we’d spent time together, the woman identified herself when she suddenly blurted out some ancient words that only I would understand.  I almost fell off my chair, but knew I couldn’t tell her what it meant because she would never have believed me.  Would you?

What I’ve learned is that we must each get there on our own steam.  We must do our own work, our own exploration, and experience our own awakening.  Though you can be nudged, someone else cannot do your work for you.

During a hypnosis class, a student that I was practicing with suddenly became aware of who she’d been  in a past life, and also who I’d been.  We’d been in the same lifetime together so I could see her past life as clearly as my own.  We were both astonished and deeply moved because she’d been an enlightened spiritual leader.  At the same time, I noticed her energy change.  Her aura became filled with intense light.  It was extraordinary to see.  In that instant, she became radiant, likely when she connected with her own divinity.

It is a gift to witness someone awaken to who they really are and it’s extraordinary to watch.   However, it shouldn’t be.  It should be an everyday occurrence.   We all have that same radiance within us because we are all divine.  We simply need to connect with it more often.  It takes work, self-exploration, and healing to connect with who you really are – a divine spirit having a human experience.  Happy soul searching!