A Merry Christmas!

Minolta DSCPeace to All Whose Hearts Still Seek Him.”

Here in New Brunswick, it’s been three days of freezing rain and power outages.  Sitting in cold and darkness, using-up what’s left of my computer’s battery, I’ve been reminded of what’s really important at Christmas.  It’s not the gifts, although the gift of warmth would come in handy right now.  What matters is the Light.  I’m talking about the Divine Light.  The Divine Spark that glows inside each of our hearts.

When Mother Nature strikes a blow, how quickly the mad dash of Christmas consumerism comes to an end.  The pressure to “Buy, Buy, Buy!” abruptly halts.  In the face of downed power lines, the “almighty dollar” ceases to feel so mighty.  The Western world convenience of abundant electricity seems to me a huge luxury.  At the moment, it’s a rare and precious commodity. 

As my hands get colder and my computer battery dies, I recall how different Masters through the ages were tasked with reminding us of the Divine Light that glows in each of our hearts.  Shakyamuni Buddha taught us to feel compassion for all people.  Jesus showed us how to love everyone, without exception.  Jesus also structured a new Agreement between God and mankind.  He sacrificed His life to seal the deal.  Here are a few channeled messages, received during various hypnosis sessions:

Excerpts from Channeled Teachings of Christ

“Jesus showed us that we are light.  We came from Light and His sacrifice set the world aflame with the Light of God.  Sacrifice yourself for love, as Jesus did, because only love matters.  Doing that will set you, and everybody free.”

“I walk with you in eternal faith.  You know this to be true.  Never doubt.  Never question.  It is your trust that propels you forward, that brings you forward as you bring forward the light that shines on all beings.  You carry the light that shines.  I will propel you forward.  Just be the lantern.  Be the light as I propel you forward.  Just love.”

“Meditate.  Go into the silence.  Dig deep, so very deep, and you will find me in your heart.”  “Walk in complete faith. Think of how a candle shows you just see a few steps ahead.  Keep taking those steps.  My beam of Light shows you the path.  Walk in complete faith.  Walk in the darkness knowing that a light is shining in front of you, my Light.  Find comfort in every step, as I shine Light on the path and illuminate the way.”

Enjoy a Warm, Safe and Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth Rose