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DreamHealer Contest Winner, November 28, 2010

“Our Grand Prize winner is Elizabeth Rose with her essay:  The Power to Heal Ourselves and Our Planet  Adam McLeod, DreamHealer

DreamHealer Essay Winner  “What a fabulous letter from Elizabeth Rose!  I feel she was chosen by  Spirit  to find Adam, attend his workshop and benefit from it in such a way that she would go on to heal herself and others as well as the earth itself. She surely deserves the top prize for the essay! I plan to keep her letter on the computer so that I can learn from it and benefit from her wisdom.” – M.http://www.blogtalkradio.com/channeloflight/2017/02/17/how-to-find-your-spiritual-path-with-elizabeth-roseA.

“Your writing is riveting! I just downloaded it and intended to read the first couple of pages. Instead I had to stick with it until page 31. I kept wanting to know what would happen next!!” Michael Sheridan, Author of “How to Interpret Your Dreams (and discover your life purpose)”

“You have a lovely writing style and it is fascinating material; as gripping as it is extraordinary. Your story is powerful and it is a spiritual message for our times. I wish you success in getting the material published. If you would like me to help you to put together a publishing proposal I would be very happy to do so.” Sarah Sutton, Author, Editorial consultant; former commissioning editor and editorial director, HarperCollins (Thorsons) and Random House (Ebury Press)

“Riveting! Elizabeth has elevated the hypothesized self-regulating Gaia Theory of Planet Earth, and illuminated her soul! With compelling experiential evidence, she takes our contemplation of a metaphysical sentient planet to a new, thought provoking and ominously prophetic level, inviting us to renew our inherent, primordial relationship with the fundamental system that supports our very existence.” Harold Hagen, M.Sc., Consultant, Environmental Toxicology, Mortgage Associate

“A deep breath… THANK YOU! That is incredibly powerful and extremely well written. I was riveted; I was just going to read the first page and finish later, but here I am with tears streaming down my cheeks having read it all. I couldn’t leave. I do mean – a huge thank you for writing/sharing that experience.” Birgitte Michie, B.Sc., B.Eng.

“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just finished reading your first chapter.  I am inspired and in awe.  I hope you realize that you, my dear, are going to make a HUGE difference in the world.  You are going to help people see the importance of taking care of the planet in a way that no one else can.  You will influence many many millions of people to sit up and take notice and to take care of Mother Earth.”  Molly Hamilton, Professional Entertainer

“Your wonderful, amazing, powerful, life-changing book!  This is a most wonderful book. I have only read a few chapters of it and I love it!!!!!!!” Candis McLean – Writer/Producer of When Police Become Prey

“I loved this book! It is very powerful – I became emotional a few times when I was reading it.  I was able to link together some things about myself that I hadn’t before – the childhood goals in particular versus my current goals.  It is funny that I am thinking of doing a retreat for the same reason you did – to gain clarity of focus.  I feel like I am converging on what I should be doing, but something is telling me that I need focus at the same time.  I sense there are many people in this situation and the timing of this book is good.”  Joe Barbieri, CFA, Toronto

“I undertook a guided hypnosis session with Elizabeth to explore my life in greater detail.  With Elizabeth’s guidance I explored long forgotten memories to help me understand events, relationships and happenings in my life.  Elizabeth used a thorough and professional approach to get me into state and to explore my experiences with detailed questions and guidance.  The revelations I obtained from this experience have helped me to further understand who I am and the experiences I am encountering in my life.  This was my first hypnosis experience and with Elizabeth’s professionalism and supportive approach I was able to achieve some profound learnings that will help me in  my life.  For this I thank you  Elizabeth.”   Durrick Walker, CA, Open Healing, New Zealand

“Not sure if you remember me, but my name is Jason and we talked very briefly last Friday at your book signing in the Indigo store at CrossIron.  I actually caught the flu this last Monday so I thought I would start reading your book rather than sit on the computer.  Well, I just finished it today!  Normally I don’t read books this fast so this was quite unexpected even for me.  I just wanted to say thank you for stopping me in that Indigo store and for our little chat.  If you hadn’t I wouldn’t have read this book.  Now I have a different view of the world and I think I want to explore this viewpoint more.  Maybe even investigate why I keep getting sick so easily, since I noticed you mentioned you had deteriorating health at one point in your life in your book.  (On a side note I thought I’d open up to that page just right now and I found it on my first try, which was kinda creepy, normally I would say it was luck, but after reading your book, not anymore!)” Jason Wong, Calgary

“Your (amazing!) book.  I read your book a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t put it down.  It was EXCELLENT!!!  Easy to read, informative, and fascinating.  I can’t wait for your next one. Thank you for being so open and candid in your book.  It takes guts to bare your soul like that, but I also felt it allowed me, the reader, to relate on a much deeper level to what you experienced.  Learning about what you have gone through as you have grown and expanded gave me renewed faith that at some point it will be achievable for me, too.  I’m just one person you have helped…can you imagine the number of people that you are reaching with this story?  What a gift you have given!” Christine Vanderley, Music Teacher, Toronto

Elizabeth, I’m going to re-read your book and keep it handy, as a reference!”  Carol Vautour, Reiki Teacher/Master, Artist, Saint John

“Hi Elizabeth. Just wanted to say I started your book this morning and finished it tonight. It was a wonderful read! My hope from reading your book is that I find my true self and purpose. Would love to book a past life session with you at some point. Looking forward to any future training sessions or seminars!!  Thank you.”  Sandra, Saint John, NB


“I was blown away with emotion.  Elizabeth only knew my name but she knew me.  She knew that I needed to start saying no.  Very powerful.  Absolutely recommend it.”
Ron, Toronto/Guelph

“You have validated all my questions since January.  I made the decision to give up meat starting right now. Namaste.” Mathilda Irawan.

“Recently my understanding and access has expanded to include channeled messages directly through me, and other colleagues I work with like Elizabeth Rose of Diamond Lantern.  She began channeling Jesus as we were both experiencing direct connection and messages from him.  Her words startled me as I realized that it was Jesus, and that the messages resonated with what I knew and had received before.  I was being asked to step up and embrace my calling, and to begin teaching and sharing the message with the masses. This felt daunting and yet inwardly I knew what I was called to do. I began that process a few years ago, but had much farther to go in my reach and ability to trust and teach what I received.  On a recent trip to New Brunswick with a fellow hypnosis practitioner and healer, Elizabeth Rose, we were packing boxes and preparing her cottage to become a healing retreat centre (more on that soon!).  There was much to be done, and both of us were a little stressed to say the least. It was January, and the cold was upon us, the Saint John River had frozen over, and there were many renovations still to do.  As men hammered and we discussed what to do next, she stopped and her head began to turn to the right. We had learned that this was the sign the angels were speaking to her. A choir of nine angels made themselves known as she both saw them with her inner sight, and heard them internally, and then spoke their words aloud.

At first I was skeptical as was my nature, but after awhile, I listened and stood still.  Suddenly the smell of roses returned as the angels announced their presence. Even in the midst of chaos, they could reach down and remind us that we were loved and guided, and that what we were creating, for the benefit of others to heal and transform, was blessed, as we were blessed as well.”  Krista Moore, Spiritual Director, Consulting Hypnosis Practitioner (CH),  Toronto

“THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the reading you did for me.  I am so thankful my angels guided me to you so they could finally be heard. 🙂  I felt my heart opening as I listened and tears streamed down my face.  I knew right away I had found access to my true Guidance through you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Love H. Gonzalez


Hi Elizabeth….
I am speechless after today’s session with you. It was so amazing…. so profound.
You are truly gifted. I already payed for another session, for 1 1/2 hrs. Let me know your first available… Thanks for all your help…blessings!

Thanks for all your help…blessings! Julie K, Tucson, AZ

Wow!  I was curious about what a hands-on healing session would be like and ended up having a past life experience which led to soul memory clearing.  It’s the journey not the destination.  Balance is key.”

Connie Fraser, Certified Hypnosis Instructor, High Altitude Hypnosis, Calgary 

Last night, after Adam McLeod’s seminar, we had the great honour to spend the evening with this wonderful great lady who is a very talented author, healer, and hypnotherapist.  Thank you for sharing your gifts Elizabeth!   Carina Ehlers,  Artist, Healer and Medium, Sweden

“Excellent to see you doing this Elizabeth! When I find a “How to Bi-Locate” workshop I will be able to attend in your neck of the woods AND keep my day job in Seattle! Kidding of course. I’ve had your instruction on this and can testify that EVERYONE in your workshop experienced this healing power in a very tangible way. There was no, “I think I feel it” going on. It was in the room and everyone felt it in the receiving and channeled it in the giving. I wish you the very best with this and would love to see you run something further south (and west) again.”  Michael Sheridan, Aisling Dream Interpretation, Seattle

Amazing work. Don’t miss it!!  Krista Moore, Spiritual Director and Consulting Hypnotist Practitioner, Toronto

“I went to see Elizabeth to receive energy healing for some dark and low emotions I  was feeling for weeks. I had been feeling upset and very tired. I was confident in her abilities to help me become aware of and release whatever these low feelings were. As soon as Elizabeth placed her healing hands on me, I felt a flood of emotion coming up within me. Emotions that were hiding now were starting to come forward. Elizabeth created a safe place for me to connect to these feelings so I felt very comfortable with the process. During this time I was always receiving Divine Guidance on my path and what the purpose I had was. As the session continued I felt an overwhelming feeling of relief and it felt like a ton of weight had lifted off of me. I became calm and at peace for the first time in awhile and because of this I was able to gain clarity on which direction to take next. I left the session feeling light, clear and empowered. Thank you Elizabeth, I am so grateful for your healing abilities and gifts.”   Rosanna Sardella, Emerge for HealingSpiritual Guidance, Healing and Coaching, Calgary

“I was led to Elizabeth at a time in my life when I needed to let go of a phobia that was holding me back from moving forward in many aspects of my life. In the sessions with Elizabeth, I made even more discoveries about myself, and the gifts that we all have to offer this world. She wants us to shine! To see the beauty that surrounds The Rose Cottage … you can “feel” spirit when you stay in that space. Thank you Elizabeth for giving so much of yourself to help others.”  Pam Boudreau, Reiki Without Borders Saint John, NB

“Thanks so much for the healing yesterday! My hip isn’t as bad as it was and I just have a general feeling of lightness! Hugs!”  Sandra Nason Sewell, Saint John, NB

“I was surprised I was able to slip into the trance so easily. As soon as I saw you on the screen, I picked up immense love and energies.  I went to kundalini yoga just now, and had the deepest practice I’ve ever had. Bolts of energy were going through my body, moving my arms and shoulders …  And I’m seeing certain images and visions.  I’ve never felt so awakened in my life.  A lot is making sense now to me.”  Luke Elwin, New Zealand

Day 1 of Hypnosis class down. AMAZING!!  Why did I not do this sooner….sigh, I know, divine timing. T. Farris

I would like to share the most amazing experience that I was Blessed to have with Elizabeth Rose at the Rose Cottage. I really do not have words to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for my three days of Full Immersion into Spirit. To say that I had a life changing experience really does not begin to explain the healing that took place and the tools that I received to live a richer and much fuller life. I would highly recommend to anyone who is on a Spiritual Journey to give themselves the Gift of time with Elizabeth. Elizabeth is an expert in consciousness exploration using channeling, hypnosis, energy healing and a range of powerful modalities. She is a NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor and a Certified Healing Arts Instructor. Elizabeth runs the Rose Cottage which is a Hypnosis/Healing School and Retreat Centre near Grand Bay, N.B. Thank you Elizabeth and May God continue to Bless You and through you all who are able to take advantage of time at the Rose Cottage.

Barb Stillman, Saint John, NB

To describe my experiences at The Rose Cottage with Elizabeth Rose would require me to write my own novel, so, I am going to try and hit the highlights, but trust me, there is so much more.  The Rose Cottage propels you into the fast lane of spiritual awakening. The training wheels come off when you visit Elizabeth.  Once Elizabeth starts to channel the angelic realm on your behalf; you are now on the “spiritual radar” and like the very best of air traffic controllers, Elizabeth charts your course, navigates your route and finally brings you in for a landing from the most incredible journey that you have ever been on, in this lifetime. (You’ll get the joke once you meet Elizabeth).

So if I could sum up in a phrase what the “a ha” moment was for me, it would have been the angelic message of “As you let go of the dark, you make room for the light.”  I healed and was healed, I loved and was loved, I traveled into my past to heal my present, I did the work on this physical plane so that my family could heal in the angelic realm (that’s right, the good you do here goes straight to “heaven”), and Elizabeth made this all possible through her tireless and relentless pursuit of my highest good.

What makes me qualified to give this recommendation? Well I came in search of answers to help me onto my spiritual path. What I continue to get is a bigger road map with more destinations and each journey is more spectacular than the next. Hypnosis, Full Immersion into Spirit, Mentoring Monday, Channelled Yoga, countless hours of trance work and the list goes on and on.  I lost about 20 pounds of physical weight through Elizabeth’s and the angelic realm’s food guidance system, and about 100 pounds of karmic baggage.  I am eternally grateful to you Elizabeth and I am grateful to all those that you have channeled to help me heal, to help me see “beyond the veil.

Thank you Elizabeth. Without the days, weeks and a year of your hard work on my behalf, I would not be where I am today.  I have learned so much from you.  My next tattoo is going to be trust, trust, trust, prominently displayed. LOL!”      T. Walton, Quispamsis, NB

“Elizabeth, the time we spend together is always astonishing, uplifting and fun! The Angels, Ascended Masters and Christ always move through us to keep us on path, and help those around us as well. The 2017 Toronto Spring Psychic Fair was yet another step on our yellow brick road revealing the power of the gifts we’ve been given. You helped and healed so many with your amazing channeling, and we had such fun during your Dream Interpretation workshop at Miracles Grow Here. This all stems from the leap of faith we took in 2015 in the Dominican, and it grows from here. I am forever grateful I took that leap with you, and that you guided me through the channelling process while I was still learning (and continue to do so!) All who come to the Rose Cottage to receive this healing, energies, information and guidance will be blessed to do this work as well. Much love to all on the path! And to Elizabeth Rose for being the fearless compadre, dear friend and way-shower of how to surrender, let go and follow wherever it goes! Have a wonderful Monday night! And see you again soon. xoxo 😇🙌🌴🌺🦄💥

Krista Moore Moore Miracles Toronto

“I love my Monday nights at The Rose Cottage, NB. They are the highlight of my week. I always leave there uplifted, full of hope, a looking forward to the next Monday. Thank you Elizabeth Rose for hosting, sharing your talents, and your space. I am so very grateful.”

Carol Vautour, Artist/Healer Saint John, NB

Very positive.  Shocked!  You were right-on.  Jan Jarvis, Toronto, ON