Your Spirit Knows No Bounds

I know this world is ruled by infinite intelligence. Everything that surrounds us – everything that exists – proves that there are infinite laws behind it.  There can be no denying this fact.  It is mathematical in its precision.  Thomas A. Edison

In the previous post, I described how good friends who are very much alive on the Earth’s plain have occasionally communicated to me in spirit form.  There have also been many similar events where I have not discovered who was communicating telepathically.

The following experience describes how I found myself standing in the shoes of someone else as they experienced a terrifying event.  From the perspective of an Earthling, it is a very sad story.  However, things look different from the perspective of the spirit world.

One morning, I climbed into my car to drive to work.  Before putting the key into the ignition, I suddenly found myself looking through the eyes of a woman as she experienced a fatal car crash.  I felt everything that she felt.  I felt her shock, her instant knowing that she was about to die.  As I watched another car crash into her car, intuitively, I knew that the driver and passengers were students on a joy ride in a car that was out of control.  In the last moments of that woman’s life, I felt her heart wrenching frustration as she struggled with her thoughts of love, sorrow, and a stabbing pain of guilt for abandoning her husband.  Her final thought, transmitted to her husband was, “I’m sorry!”

In the same way that the spirits of my friends had somehow left their bodies to connect with me during a traumatic time, I knew that this car accident victim’s perfect spirit was also liberated once her time on Earth had expired.  Though I felt sad for her husband and the students, now left on Earth to face the challenge of overcoming this adversity, I believed that this tragedy was yet another of life’s great lessons for all involved.  In my heart, I knew that the woman was being whisked away to a non-physical realm by her Guides and that she would soon be in a joyous and heavenly place.

Our time on the Earth is fleeting and this physical ‘reality’ only temporary.  However, your spirit, (i.e. your personality, thoughts and memories), are permanent.  But don’t take my word for it.  Ask any physicist and they will tell you that matter cannot be created or destroyed.  Alternatively, develop your own mind.  Meditate to boost your own powers of intuition, develop your own level of consciousness, and discover for yourself how infinite you really are, as are your loved ones.  I expect your experiences will be astounding and eye-opening, and I would love to hear about them!