Your Mission In Life – How to Heal with Energy

Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.

— Gary Zukav

What is your mission in life?  Are you a healer?

When I first arrived at the conclusion that we are far more than our physical bodies, I began to see things very differently.  For example, when someone asked me for a donation to fund cancer research, it struck me that my belief system had shifted away from relying on purely conventional medicine to embracing more alternative approaches.  Certainly, scientific methods look at the biochemical, genetic and physiological aspects of an illness.  However, in my experience, alternative approaches can go a step further.  They are holistic and treat the entire person, body, heart and spirit.  Consequently, I rely on both.

When I first heard about energy healing, it sounded ‘woo woo’ and strange.  However, when I tried it, it worked.  Matter equals energy, so we’re all made of energy.  When you review the properties of energy, they appear quite magical and the potential for healing seems infinite:

The Properties of Energy:

  • Energy can be transferred from one object to another.
  • Energy comes in many different forms, which can generally be divided into Potential or Kinetic energy.
  • Energy can be converted from any one of these forms into any other, and vice versa.
  • Energy is never created or destroyed – this is called the First Law of Thermodynamics.

Two energy techniques that have worked well for me are Remote Healing and NET or Neural Emotional Technique.

I learned how to ‘Remote Heal’ from the books, seminars and DVDs of Adam McLeod, Author of Dreamhealer.  Adam teaches people to heal themselves and others using focused intention and visualization techniques.  The results can be quite amazing.  Using Adam’s techniques, I have eliminated people’s migraines in minutes, significantly slowed down a degenerative neurological disease and regulated blood pressure.

NET is the technique of measuring people’s energy in order to identify emotional stressors that are triggering physical problems.  Your body will tell the NET practitioner precisely where the trouble is located and why.  Once an emotional stressor is identified, the emotions can then be balanced and released.  This allows the body to stop reacting physically to unresolved emotions.  After a session of NET, I feel a tidal wave of relief wash over me and walk away feeling lighter than air.

When it comes to your mission in life, may I suggest that we are all healers to some extent!  Our mission is to first heal ourselves, then heal everyone around us.