Your Mission In Life – Are You Intuitive?

“If we are to learn to improve the quality of the decisions we make, we need to accept the mysterious nature of our snap judgments.”
Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, 2005

Throughout your life, have you occasionally received flashes of insight, small glimpses of how the universe works, or gentle hints to work on developing your intuition?  I did.  Of course, I ignored everything for decades.

When I was a child, my family traveled extensively and we frequently relocated. In the middle of the night, I often found myself waking up disoriented.  In 1967, I awoke one morning in darkness and found myself once again trying to figure out where I was. Reaching out my hand, I tried to touch the wall beside my bed but there was nothing there. Puzzled, I sat upright for a moment to figure things out. Just then, I noticed a distortion in the darkness, like air waves, right in front of my face. As I watched, the airwaves suddenly blew-up into a picture, like a little movie screen, about a foot in front of my face. Projected onto the screen was a picture of a flat square metal box with a pattern of tiny holes punched into it, like a radio.  My eyes scanned the image trying to absorb the entire picture before it faded.  As I contemplated what kind of music box it might be, it slowly revolved in mid-air, like a planet suspended in orbit, right in front of me. Taking in as much detail as possible, I noticed some tiny letters printed along on the side of the box. On the top right corner of the box were two large letters stamped into the metal. There was a large capital “C” and a capital “D”. I wondered what the letters “CD” might mean but could not figure it out. Other than the letters, the tiny holes and symbols, there were no more clues. The picture faded away and I found myself back in the darkness of my bedroom.

For a few days, it drove me crazy wondering what the box was, and what the letters CD might possibly mean.  Although I was only a small child, intuitively, I knew that the letters “CD” might become significant in the future. Many years later, when CD players hit the market, I was amazed at my clairvoyant glimpse into the future. Though these types of events were very random for me, and usually held insufficient information on which to act, as the years passed, I came to appreciate that there might occasionally be a monetary value to the gift of prophesy.  Regardless, the most important lesson that I learned from the CD vision was that the future is now and time does not exist in spiritual non-physical dimensions.  Information about the past, present, and future is always available now in the present moment, especially when you work on developing your intuition – through meditation.

Meditate, find ways to heal your body, heart and soul, and
keep knocking on doors seeking answers.