You are Christ Consciousness

No man can follow Christ and go astray.
William H.P. Faunce

Today we celebrate the birthday of Jesus of Nazareth who became the Christ.  Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed all brought Christ Consciousness to our planet.  To better explain this, the following are excerpts from the channelled teachings of spirit guide, Miranon, recorded in the 1970s by Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe  Institute:

“The Earth is now in its 4th evolution… I spring from the light that was there at the beginning of consciousness. It is hard to find words but I guide through the evolution that your world is in now. Because it is in the 4th evolution, I work through and with the Christ spirit. He is the master of the 4th evolution. When  the world enters the 5th evolution, there will be newer and greater teachings, but not until then. It is beginning now. It is an evolution in which all beings will begin to radiate light, light that they can perceive and light that can be perceived in the cosmos. The signs are restructuring of life as you know it on the Earth. Man will begin to study himself. He will begin to recognize his potential within himself. Up until now, man has been concerned with development outside himself. But that will change. There will be a greater awareness, not just of individuals, but of groups. And these groups will initiate changes. You (Robert Monroe) are part of that group. You are bringing expanded awareness.”

Regarding the belief that Jesus will return:

“This is the understanding of man to think that one soul will return as the form of Jesus, but this is not the way that it is to be understood.  The Christ consciousness is alive within all levels of consciousness and as it is awakened within each soul, it is that much more released and awakened in the whole universe.”

“This is the misunderstanding that a being in the form of one such as Jesus would return, but this is a misunderstanding.  The message that Jesus came to bring is that all are the Christ consciousness and therefore you are the Christ consciousness, I am the Christ consciousness.  The Christ consciousness is seeking to be released.  It is the highest level of all life.  It is that level of complete attunement and knowing.

The misunderstanding is that a being would appear in some way of power.  But those who appear upon the Earth and claim to be the Christ Consciousness, this is a sign that they are not because the souls that seek to be recognized, a great ego that seeks to be recognized and have the energies come to them, this is a sign that the energies are in the wrong place.  This is a sign that the soul is not released into its highest form of consciousness, because the Christ self does not seek the recognition, to be set aside and put up in levels of energy where others will worship,  adore and idolize.  This is not the purpose for which the Christ came.

 The man of Jesus came to show an example that all have that same power, that all are a part of that.  Therefore, beware of those that say they are the returned Christ, they are at the opposite pole of energy, they are at the negative poles that are seeking recognition in the wrong ways and are drawing energies to them that are distracting the human energies of people as the energies of souls look to another to receive all their knowledge and to say that another is of the highest, that another is to be worshiped and adored, that takes the attention away from going within and knowing the truth from within the self.

The only truth is that within the self, that is in touch with knowledge,
and the knowing, and the realization. 

No soul is to find the perfect being outside of themselves.  There is no such thing as the perfect being outside.  The soul that is distracted from going within is going through a waste of energy.  Every self, every soul is a teacher of another soul.  Every soul is a student.  And every soul is here to learn and to teach.  This is why we say that when you find these energies, these souls that are seeking to be recognized, that this is what is considered the anti-Christ because this is not of the nature of the true Christ.  The anti-Christ are these false energies that distract humans and take humans away from the real journey of knowing their own Christ self within, knowing that one-ness  and the only journey is that journey that each individual must take alone, the experiencing, the knowing that comes from the inner attunement.  And the souls that live on the power, the ego trip, have a long way to go in their journeys because they are limiting themselves to a certain level of consciousness.

Any soul that attracts and draws from other souls any energies that they use for the ego satisfaction are merely hindering the growth of other souls.  The true teacher, the true saviour so to speak is the one who teaches souls to tap into themselves.  To know the truth from their own being and not to idolize them and say that they are the God.  All souls are the God itself and as each soul is aware and taps into that higher understanding from within, they are aware that there are no levels, there are truly no levels within reality.  There is only that level of the highest knowledge, there is only that understanding, that knowing of the highest form of energy, which is that loved released.”

The cosmos is governed by love and it is time to come from a place of love in order for our world to ascend to a higher level of consciousness.  When we go deep inside ourselves, we realize we are the Buddha.  We are Christ Consciousness and fear has no place in our world so it is our responsibility to heal our minds, bodies and spirits and rise above our fears.  We are of the creator and our future is in our own hands.  As we wake-up, become more aligned with Christ Consciousness, and expand our awareness to the rest of the world, we create the brightest future for all.  Lately, I’ve met so many amazing and awakened people, I’m realizing that the future is bright indeed!

Wishing you and yours a Warm, Safe and Merry Christmas, and a Wonderful 2012!!!

Light, Love and Joy
Elizabeth Rose