Why Worry When You Can Pray?

“Why worry when you can pray? He [God] is the Whole, you are a part. Coordinate your abilities with the Whole.” Edgar Cayce, Reading 2528-2

An article by John Van Auken, A.R.E., described how Psychic Edgar Cayce prophesied many major physical changes to the Earth.  Among Cayce’s readings were predictions of temperature changes in the oceans that would severely impact future weather patterns.  This may have referred to what we now know as El Niño and La Niña which are causing major shifts in the Earth’s weather patterns.  Cayce’s readings also prophesied major earthquakes, one of them being an earthquake under the Indian Ocean.  Indeed, in 2004 a tsunami caused by an earthquake under the Indian Ocean killed large numbers of people living on the coast from Indonesia to Africa.

The article goes on to say that, through his research with water crystals, Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages in Water, illustrated how water reacts to human energy patterns.  He suggested that human emotions are likely responsible for many of the natural disasters.  Edgar Cayce’s readings also stated that sunspots, which affect many of our communications systems, are caused more by human attitudes and emotions than cosmic forces.  Last week, I listened to an Edgar Cayce recording that described how Mother Earth’s sensitivity to human negativity also caused natural disasters.  According to Cayce, God created Mother Earth to sustain life, but she was also charged with ‘cleaning the slate‘ if we became too negative.  If we tipped the scales too far, she would seek to restore a balance.

Before he died in 1944, Cayce stated that none of the physical devastation he predicted on the Earth had to happen. He said that the planet’s stability lay in the collective hands of humanity.   He also commented that 10 good people can save an entire city. Rather than get anxious about the future, Cayce said that “prayer is a powerful service we can perform for our fellow planet dwellers”.  According to Cayce, our prayers “ascend into the Collective Consciousness and subliminally affect the whole of human consciousness and nature’s sensitive vibrations”.  There’s a balance.  When we engage in heightened negativity, such as mass repression, hate, or war, the Sun and the Earth dish back what we have given them and life can become a natural ‘Hell on Earth’.  In contrast, when we pray for our friends and neighbours and come from a place of love, the Sun, the Earth and the Universe work with us to restore the natural paradise that is Mother Earth.