Why Celebrate Easter?

Why should anyone be celebrate Easter?  Celebration of nature’s transition from winter into spring is one good reason.  Celebrating our obsession with chocolate Easter bunnies is another.  However, the best reason is probably gratitude – for the highest teaching of Christ consciousness.

A channeled message recorded in the 1970’s at The Monroe Institute explained that the Christ was the highest level of consciousness, energy and light released in human form.  Other enlightened beings of the highest level of consciousness who also appeared on Earth in physical form included the Buddha and Mohamed.  Christ consciousness came into the human form of a man named Jesus to show man that it is possible for all souls, even in the physical level, to connect to the highest self.  Christ consciousness is available to all.  The soul of Christ, this highest light being of the highest form, came to show the Earth that there is no separation.  There is only the highest level of consciousness, the highest energy, which is the energy of love.

The highest form of power is not physical power.  The highest form of power is that highest level of love.  That is the teaching of Christ.  Christ consciousness (i.e. love) is the goal of all mankind.  Power is misinterpreted on the physical level to mean that which is acquired, that which is used to separate one from another, to make one stand-out as a stronger ego, or a more important self.  This is how many souls interpret power and they separate themselves from themselves, and from others.

The Christ consciousness would not accept the Earth’s interpretation of power.  Instead, Jesus the Christ lived in that highest level of love at all times and was in communion with all souls on all levels.  Therefore, the souls that were out of tune with themselves, lived in a state of threat because of this very high energy that threatened to invade them and release them.  And this was why Jesus, the physical person, was destroyed because it was difficult for those who were of a different level of enlightenment, to receive this very high power of energy which seemed to contradict their own natures.  Therefore they turned upon this energy trying to destroy their own.  It was a way of trying to destroy the threat of being released into knowing and understanding themselves and therefore they killed the physical body of the man called Jesus, which merely released this energy and this knowledge to many others.  For this, the greatest teaching ever, we celebrate Easter in gratitude.

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.” – 1 John 3:16 NIV