Who To Blame?

When a devastating natural disaster strikes, who do we blame?  Do we blame God?  Do we blame Mother Earth?

Hypnotherapist, Brian L. Weiss, M.D. has documented many different cases where he used hypnosis to take people into a past life, but also to a future life.  In a book titled, “Same Soul, Many Bodies”, one of Weiss’s patients, a man named David, was put into a hypnotic trance and found himself more than one hundred years in the future.  When I read this case, it gave me enormous hope for the future of Mother Earth and we humans because it provided a methodology for saving the planet.  Not surprisingly, it comes down to mind over matter.

In a future life, David was a Rabbi named Ephraim who was working with a group of Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, holistic, and indigenous ministers and healers.   These spiritual leaders were meditating and praying in order to “combat the hate and violence endemic to the unenlightened inhabitants of the world.”   While in a deep hypnotic trance, David explained to Dr. Weiss that he was working with this group to neutralize the Earth-damaging energies that have been unleashed by those who don’t care or don’t know about spiritual laws.  David (Ephraim) explained to Dr. Weiss, “Those energies create earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, epidemics.  We used to think they were random events.  Now we believe they’re spawned – or at least influenced – by the thoughts and intentions of human-kind.  And we can prevent them!”

Our love, prayers and positive intentions can heal us, and heal every aspect of our beautiful planet.  To help heal Japan, the following is an instructional visualization by Adam McLeod of DreamHealer:  “Use your positive intentions and this visualization to see Japan’s nuclear system cooling down.  Extend your healing to the people affected by the Tsunami region and workers at the nuclear reactors.  See them with the strength to heal their bodies and minds.”