What to Eat?

“No man in the world has more courage than the man who can stop after eating one peanut.”  Channing Pollock

Journeying along the spiritual path, the question of what to eat has plagued many people, including me.  Is it okay to eat red meat or should we eat more chicken and fish?  Should everyone become a vegetarian?  I have done some research and also asked a few spiritual gurus questions about food choices and here is a short Q&A list:

Q.  Why are so many spiritual gurus vegetarians?

Elizabeth Fayt, Author of the book ‘Pave it Forward’ commented that it comes down to energy.  Like humans, larger animals are of a higher consciousness and are more aware than smaller creatures such as chickens and shell fish.  When cattle or pigs recognize that they are about to be slaughtered, they experience the same emotions that we would, such as fear, panic or rage.  When you eat the flesh of an animal that has died while in a state of trauma, you are consuming all of that negative energy.  Since we’re made up of energy (matter = energy) many spiritual gurus choose to consume only positive energy and the simplest way to do this is to be a vegetation.

Q.  What about plants?

Bob Monroe, Author and Founder of TMI, provided the following research.  People should eat plants with a thankful attitude.  Plants do not intend to be continually living in a plant form and are very willing to be transformed into another form of consciousness by being used as food or any other industrial use that is necessary for survival.  As we eat, we should thank plants for growing to this state.  Plants are conscious beings and have a choice to either grow larger and more healthy or not.  Bob’s research also determined that people who eat fresh and raw foods are more vibrant because the consciousness is still alive in the plant and transfers to the person or animal who consumes it.   The consciousness stays within the plant for a maximum of 2 weeks, but it’s best to consume the plant fairly soon.

Q.  Why not eat meat?

Thomas Campbell, Physicist and Author of My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) described eating as being a moral choice.  When you kill and eat a sentient being, you are taking away its right to choose.  You are eliminating that creature’s free will.  The qualifications of a sentient being are to act and react.  Even a clam is sentient and has free will.  It can choose to push it’s foot out, or keep it in.  When you kill a clam, you are taking away it’s right to choose.

Not surprisingly, Thomas Campbell has chosen to be a vegetarian.

…Food For Thought?