What is Meditation

So What is Meditation?

Meditation is called ‘doing the work’ because it is an important part of spiritual development.  Why?  Because it is a way to consciously detach from the physical.  It is an effective way to disconnect from the buzz, the chaos, and the constant chatter of self-talk and enter the silent and eternal world of spirit.

It is your mind that controls your connection to spirit, which is why it is important to control your mind.  When your head is busy generating endless thoughts, your spirit remains disconnected from the source (i.e. God, your creator).  However, when you succeed in shutting down your thoughts and entering a mode of silence, you are now opening the gateway to the divine, the very source that created you.  Amazing things happen when you do this.


When you still the mind, your body automatically regenerates in the same way that it regenerates during sleep.  Without sleep, your energy reserves (source energy) run low and you must re-fuel in the same way a car must re-fill its gas tank.

We don’t generate massive amounts of our own energy by remaining physically still.  Think about it.  Have you felt stiff after sitting still for a long time?  After just an hour, muscles will begin to atrophy.  However, when we enter a deep sleep and our minds go quiet, we receive and store a flow of energy from source because our minds are ‘open’.  When they’re busy with thought, they’re ‘closed’.  That is the main reason why people wake-up re-energized.

If you’re having difficulty sleeping, shift your thoughts to meditation mode.  Relax and think of nothing.  Alternatively, think of one thing, perhaps repeat and visualize an affirmation or mantra, over and over again.  An effective meditation technique is equivalent to a great night of sleep.  There are many other benefits to meditation and this is just one example.

“During meditation your metabolism and your breath rate go down to a level of rest,
twice that of deep sleep.”  Mike Love


  1. R N SHARMA says:

    Holy music is must to sit for long time in Meditation in deep meditation
    soul come out of body and sit in front of you, thinking of Lord Shiva
    in whose Hair head a snake is sitting in three kundali. similarly our soul
    sitting at the tail point of human i.e. bottom of spinal cord soul is sitting like
    a Shinning pearl. During Meditation it start climbing the spinal cord through
    three kundali and slowly slowly with the passage of time/practice the make its
    house at the top point of brain/head. Person who reaches on that stage attain
    all spirtual power. Like Lord Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Sikh Guru), & Mahavir
    Jain (Jain Guru) an religion.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your comment on the Kundalini Awakening. So many people have experienced this, including me. People are awakening from countless belief systems. We all point to the same source. We’re all connected so they’re spontaneously awakening others by virtue of their having been awakened. When one heals, we all heal. Blessings, Elizabeth

  2. Where did you get my picture? 🙂 Didn’t realize that picture went so far. That meditating picture was taken 10 years ago.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      It’s a beautiful picture, so thank you! It was posted on SXC.yu but I’m happy to remove it, if you wish. Clearly, it has moved and inspired many people. May we all be as peaceful.