What is Meditation Good For?

“I deepen my experience of God through prayer, meditation, and forgiveness.”
Marianne Williamson

Meditation is Good For Countless Things

Meditation is a conscious connection to source.  Sleep is a subconscious connection to source.  Both states are great for healing.  Visualizing images of you becoming healed or someone else becoming healed, either while you are meditating or just before falling asleep, are two of the most powerful healing techniques I know of.  The key is regularity and repetition.  In each case, visualizing regularly reprograms both your conscious and subconscious to tap into the healing energy of source.  Adam McLeod at Dreamhealer teaches many very successful visualization techniques.


So what else is meditation good for?  Reconnecting to your source!  The infinite world of the spirit awaits the regular meditation practitioner.  When the mind is still, you can connect with spirit, and spirit can connect with you.  Whether you are a visual person, audio, or kinaesthetic, source has ways to transmit guidance when you are in a meditative state.

Often, it isn’t until our hour of need, in a final moment of desperation, that we will call out to spirit for the very first time.  However, we should have been connecting with spirit all along.  It is important to know that mental chaos actually blocks spirit communication.

Spirit Guides, Angels and Masters in the non-physical realms are best able to connect to the hearts and souls of calm individuals.  People who are stressed beyond belief cannot be reached by their divine guides because people’s thoughts keep the doors shut to spirit.  Think of the countless souls who have been stressed out of their mind and been crying out to God, Angels or Spirit Guides but the spirit world couldn’t get through because that individual’s mind was blocking them with a barrage of panicked, fearful or self-defeating thoughts.  Ironic really, isn’t it.  However, that is why the wise ones, the Lamas, Monks and Yogis meditate for hours on end, for days on end, so that they are ALWAYS connected to spirit.  In fact, the goal is to remain in a constant state of meditation throughout the day.  The key is to stop thinking.  Focus on the breath.  Observe. Listen.

“Prayer is when you talk to God.  Meditation is when you listen to God.” Diana Robinson


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