What is a Guide?

We are NEVER alone.  Every human on the physical plain of Earth has a Guide providing direction from the spirit realms.  In addition, Guides tend to work in teams which include other Guides, Enlightened Masters, Angels and other beings of a higher vibration.

Although I haven’t seen my entire ‘Guide Team’, I have been blessed to recall seeing at least two Guides.  One was a neighbor from my childhood.  She was my friend’s middle aged mother who died in 1980.  When she appeared in spirit, she looked radiant and youthful.

The other Guide was an Enlightened Master.  He too looked radiant, youthful and also beautifully tranquil.  The experience left me forever humbled, amazed and extremely grateful.  Life is truly magical.

If you haven’t yet figured out who is guiding you, ask for your Guides to identify themselves, just before you fall asleep or are waking.  Ask for a sign that will help you know them.  Alternatively, find a very intuitive and highly recommended clairvoyant or channel.  Both will know who your Guides are, because they will notice them standing near you.  Your Guides are ALWAYS with you and the rest of the Team is just a prayer away.

For years, some of my closest friends have told me ‘Only you see this stuff.  We can’t!’  I am pleased to report that many of them now can.  In fact, some of their experiences have been quite extraordinary.  Once you put your intention out there, and ask for assistance, everything becomes possible.  Just remember, there are beings of a lower vibration that can ‘jump in’ when you become ‘open’.  So, protect yourself.  Before asking for assistance from your guide, first center yourself in the Light, then ask for guidance from a being of equal or higher vibration from the Light dimension.

“You cannot do it yourself.  You need help.  Each day, as you open your eyes, ask for the guidance, center yourself in the light and attune yourself to receive guidance from the many dimensions of your being, and always have a thought of thankfulness for that which you are and that which you receive because there is only one, a oneness in the universe.”

Spirit Guide Channeled by a Researcher at The Monroe Institute

(Recommended reading: Soul Journeys, Rosalind A. McKnight)