What Governs the Universe?

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” Helen Keller

What governs our universe?  According to countless ancient texts, it’s love that governs the universe.  Of course, your intuition knows this because your intuition is your higher self which is your direct connection to our source.  Knowing love is a law of the universe, Jesus taught humanity first to love God, and next, to love each other.   Similarly, Buddha taught love and compassion for all sentient beings, and Muhammad taught doing good, spreading peace, and equality for all.  Despite this famous guidance from3 enlightened beings, for the most part, humanity has consistently broken the law of love.  When you turn on the television set and see endless stories and images of fear, greed, and violence in the news, in the movies, and in daily television dramas, you are witnessing the lower vibration of humanity’s collective level of consciousness.  For a start, may I suggest you stop watching television and focus on higher vibration activities.

So many of us have worked incredibly hard to stretch our hearts and minds to go beyond what is immediately visible in the physical world, in order to connect with, and have a better understanding of, the non-physical world of the spirit and soul, from whence we all came.  However, once we finally connect with the divine, the message often received is that we must go back and fix what’s wrong in the physical world.  And what’s wrong with the physical world?  We are largely consumed by fear, greed, hate and violence and driven by our ego.  Physicist and Out-of-Body Researcher, Thomas Campbell, has described Earth as largely a soul kindergarten which suggests we are not advanced souls, or we wouldn’t be here.

All beings are connected.  Most physicists will tell you that we are essentially holograms who are woven together.  Whatever abuses, hate crimes, or violent atrocities are being committed in the world,  they are being felt by all of us.  For those of us who are desperately trying to jump up to a higher consciousness level, it’s our job is to go back, and figure out how to instill love in the hearts of men, women, and children, around the world.

Children are born good.  However, if they do not receive the attention, nurturing, and care required to grow into healthy adults, but instead face abandonment, emotional abuse, or physical violence, they can become out-of-touch with the divine light that burns in everyone’s soul.  As adults, their behavior often reflects the cruelty they experienced as children.  So, it is the children who need love the most.  If you can figure out a way to re-connect all children to the divine love that flickers inside of each one of them, you will likely save the world.

Inside the hearts of most adults is a small child who has suffered in some way.  How do you heal this inner child?  There are countless healing techniques.  But before a technique can be tried, the adult must first become aware that their inner child is suffering.  Emotional wounds can be buried deep in the subconscious.  According to Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, most of us are largely asleep and operating with only 5% of our conscious mind.  For the most part, 95% of  our behavior is being directed by our subconscious.  This is dangerous because the subconscious is simply programming that constantly replays past experiences like a broken record.  What becomes more challenging is that, when our subconscious is driving the bus, we’re not aware of it.  How do you know if you need healing?  Here’s a clue.  If your life isn’t all love, harmony, and joy, chances are, you’re coping with some unresolved childhood traumas.

So what is the solution?  Meditate to get in touch with the divine love that exists in each and every one of us.  To discover if your inner child is still suffering and calling the shots in your present life, there’s an excellent book called “Toxic Parents”by Susan Forward.  Also, try different energy healing techniques:  NET; EFT; Hypnosis; Past Life Regression; Body Talk; Visualization; and Inner Child Healing.  Do whatever it takes to surface the unresolved energy blocks from the past traumas.  You can finish unfinished emotional business as an adult.  Bottom line is to HEAL YOURSELF!  When you heal yourself, people around you will heal as well, because we’re simply holograms – we’re all connected.  What is the one thing that can heal everything?  LOVE!


  1. I´d like to separate the physical universe and the beings living in it. We are thinking beings observing the universe. The big bang happened for a reason we have yet to understand, but it happened and thats a cause. The beginning of causality. As the universe expands entropy kicks in and 13.7 billion years later we sit and wonder how. Causality and entropy governs the universe.

    As to us living in the universe, we are governed by feelings and habit.

    Much less complicated and something were able to comprehend. 😉

  2. Elizabeth Rose says:

    Thank you for your deep thoughts and gentle reminder to keep it simple! May we all calm our minds (which will lower our entropy) and adopt more positive habits.
    Light, Love and Joy,