Wake-up – Make The Shift

Reasons to wake-up, control your thoughts, and come from a place of love in 2012:

  • We are spirits having a human experience but most of us think that the physical is what matters most. 

My take-aways from The Monroe Institute’s chanelled message:

  • Spiritual growth and understanding are what matter, not the physical experience and accumulation of wealth, material goods and resources from Earth.
  • Mother Earth is a conscious being who has reached a critical point.  She is evolving to a higher level of consciousness.  To achieve this, she may need to shake herself free, literally, of human negativity.
  • We humans have also reached a critical point and face destroying that which is most important ‘the very nature of human existence and consciousness’ unless we work to become more aware and evolve in consciousness.

Last night, I listened again to The Monroe Institute’s recording of the Channelled Entity who explained the shift we humans must make to achieve higher consciousness.  A more detailed transcript is below.  I’ve highlighted areas that struck me as important to think about.

Channelled Entity:  “There are no limits put upon the human body and the self other than the limits put upon by the self and the body.  This is why it’s important to work with concepts that the Earth level put upon the mind of man.  Once a soul is aware that there are no limits to the experiences and levels of existence within the physical body, then there is a new frontier where all things are possible.  The great work which we have to do first is to work with the mind of human souls and this is why we are now working to clear the mind of all of that which has been put into her which has limited her horizons.  It is no fault of her own that she feels limited.  It is just the kind of thought form that was sent to her by other thought forms of earth levels and it is our main job to work with thought forms to release those false thought forms that hold down the soul in its true release and it’s the true activities.  And this is what we are working on at this time.  We are going to continue to help this soul to see herself in the many levels that she is, that she can see and experience these various multi-levels of her existence then she will be that much freer to explore and go to the unusual and most amazing universes that exist right within this self.  And we have a good beginning.

It is always our desire to help those who are interested in being helped.  All that we do is to help as many as are willing to listen and be helped.  Therefore it is not that we are working with one entity.  It is that we are working with the Earth level and there are many who are working to help to release those who are caught in the wrong thought forms on the Earth level and therefore we are most happy that anything that we do are shared with all who are interested in learning and of course, all who are with you are growing and going into the many dimensions and learning much of what we are already saying is know.”

Bob Monroe:  “This is very interesting.  In terms of our communication, is it possible to bring in other specialists who have knowledge that we might wish to select and choose avenues of doing or being based on certain knowledge.”

Channelled Entity:  “This is what we are hoping will be possible as soon as we clear this channel of the many thought forms that would keep her from being open to this this kind of experience.  We are working on this.  It will only be possible when she is ready to completely step out of herself and to travel in other dimensions.  It is only then that the information can come through.”   “Doubts are thought forms that can keep the flow from coming but we plan to work on this.  And as we plan to  work very carefully on this…”

Bob Monroe: “One of the reasons we bring this up at this moment is that we have many things facing us and guidance is important to us at this stage because of the factors that may change in our Earth pattern here that may affect us very deeply.  If we can prepare for such changes it can be very helpful.”

Channelled Entity:  “Many souls are being prepared to understand the changes and you yourself are capable of, as you know, tapping into the knowledge and understanding of what is taking place, but it is helpful when it can come also in a clear channel.  We work from many many directions to the Earth’s level to help those who are consciously open to understand what is taking place so that they can assist in the greater work that must take place on the Earth level.”

Bob Monroe:  “Are you aware of any significant or important changes that will be taking place at the Earth’s level?”

Entity:  “There are many levels of changes that are taking place and of course there are many that you are aware of.  As far as the physical changes in the Earth, there is a shifting that is taking place, a polar shift at this time, and the tremblings and the shakings that are taking place around the Earth are merely a beginning because the shifts of the inner-workings of the Earth are great.  However, this is important because the Earth in itself is shifting into a higher form of consciousness and in order for the Earth entity, it is a live form, to shift into this consciousness, it has to go through the shake-down of those negative forms that have existed around it and all of the levels of thought that the human beings have brought to the Earth have caused great imbalance, especially in the areas of a large concentration of negativity.  And as the large concentration of negative thought forms grow to a higher magnitude, this affects the Earth therefore the shake-down is beginning.  But as with all growth, this is important, and then besides, the physical aspects of the shakedown, there are many levels of energy that are being projected in the Earth’s direction.  The Earth is sending out its antennae to all aspects of the universe and therefore it is receiving much more attention from other forms of life and therefore it is attracting to itself many forms of consciousness levels in the physical level and in the etheric.  And therefore, they are studying the Earth because the Earth is like a baby in the cosmos.  It has yet much to learn in its emotional level, it is very young emotionally and it is time now for more growth to take place and that shift is coming very very very soon.  But those, like yourself, and others with whom you have been working are ready for this because you have been willing to look into all levels of consciousness and know that it is not just one level, the physical, that is important, but the dimensional levels of existence are the important aspects of life and man must be in touch with himself or he will destroy that which is most important to him, the very nature of his existence, the nature of his consciousness Man must come into attunement not only with himself, but with all levels of consciousness around him in order to preserve and in order to go with this shift in growth and consciousness.”

Bob:  “By our time standards, how much time do we have to prepare for this?”

Channelled Entity:  “The preparation is taking place and has been taking place.  Your preparation has been taking place for many lifetimes.  Therefore it is not a matter of preparation.  It is a matter of going with the happenings as they come, to adjust and go with this shift. Therefore you are prepared and you have been prepared and the great test will come as you are able to go with the flow and to realize that when the breakdown begins, that this is merely a very important part of growth.  Therefore you are prepared and you are working very hard to prepare many many souls in the right direction.  It is mainly the ability of the self to be in balance and to be in-tune to understand what is happening because the physical is not the important aspects of life.  As the physical breaks down, the human soul will begin to see, and must see, that the breakdown is a shift into a higher spiritual understanding.”

Bob: “Yes, that is very important that we consciously know this.”

Channelled Entity:  “There is no time in levels of consciousness as you know and everything you do is important to the next step and therefore you are doing what you should be doing right at this time in the history of the Earth.  You are doing the best that you know how and you must continue this because you are enlightening many many souls.  And therefore must not worry about time as the Earth time so to speak. But the time as far as the universal levels of the soul consciousness.  As you are helping souls to get in touch with themselves, they are able to go outside of time and therefore this is the only time that is important, is stepping outside of time into the deeper levels of consciousness.  And therefore you are doing precisely what you must do to help to step outside of the time barriers. Because as you know, there truly is no time.”

Bob:  “I appreciate very much this discourse and we will attempt to solidify the overview as we call it so that people can do this more and more.”

The Monroe Institute link is posted below.  Note from TMI:  The Monroe Institute downloads are not predicated on any particular belief system or doctrine. The only philosophical point you are asked to consider as a serious possibility is that you are more than your physical body: