The New Star Trek

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Teilhard de Chardin (French Geologist, Priest, Philosopher and Mystic, 1881-1955)

If you see logic in my favourite quote by Teilhard de Chardin, you might also appreciate that there could be spiritual beings having a spiritual experience.

To someone who relies purely on their five senses, it might sound odd or even frightening to hear that we are all visited by spirits or ‘ghosts’.  I can recall being visited quite a few times by non-physical beings, as have many other people I know.  Thankfully, their appearance is much less of a shock these days. However, years ago, I remember being completely ‘spooked’ when a ‘ghost’ appeared in my bedroom wall. I only noticed it when the spirit spoke aloud and asked, “How can I help you my dear?” I was so startled to see this ‘being’ in my wall that I jumped up screaming. It vanished immediately.  How was I to know that this “spooky ghost” was one of my Guides?

Initially, working to develop my intuition was a scary business because I was venturing into the unknown. Looking back, however, my encounters with the spirit world were pretty tame compared to the harsh realities reported regularly in the news on Planet Earth.

The more I worked to develop my intuition, the more the tangible world seemed to fade.  So called ‘reality’ would become more transparent just before a being from a different dimension materialized in front of my eyes.  In those days, life seemed a fascinating experiment, but I feared I might fall through the floor and disappear forever in that vaporous world.  However, as I became more familiar with the territory, there was nothing to be frightened about plus I eventually realized that we can easily control these encounters with our thoughts.  In fact, communication with the spirit world can be extremely difficult to maintain since it requires a lot of meditation, practice and training.  My goal these days is to practice practice practice until I can one day easily lift ‘out of body’ like Bob Monroe of The Monroe Institute.

Is the world of spirit the new Star Trek?