To Help Japan

You may appreciate this message from the desk of Paul Rademacher at TMI:

“As I consider the situation in Japan, I cannot help but remember something I read years ago. This is a synopsis as best I can recall:  The driver of a mangled vehicle suddenly found herself floating above the wreckage scene.  From that vantage point she could see the rescue workers tending the victims of the multi-car collision. She even saw her own body trapped in her crumpled auto. But that wasn’t what caught her attention. What really entranced her were streaks of light that were emerging from the cars inching past the carnage.  Curious, she drifted over to see the source of these light beams and suddenly realized that these were the prayers offered by the passersby. What’s more she could see angels responding to the cries for help on behalf of the victims.  Ever since I read that I cannot pass a wreck without offering up silent prayers, for I know it is not a futile exercise. Our friends in Japan are going through a time of great trial.

The scope of the damage is unthinkable and in the face of it we can feel terribly helpless. But now is the time to remember that we and they are truly “more than our physical bodies.” As a result we have resources at our disposal that, even though the rest of the world may not appreciate them, are powerful tools of compassion.

So what can you do?  We invite you to send your love. Use whatever words you want: praying, sending healing energy, calling in angels of mercy both physical and nonphysical, imagining thoughts of healing and comfort, calling in each person’s higher self. The labels are insignificant, it is the intention that counts.”