Time to Shine

“You are all candles.  Go and shine light.  Go illuminate the rest of the world.  As one candle lights another, as another candle is lit, illumination of the world happens.  But the light comes from within.  It’s like reminding someone of who they really are, reminding them of their light.  Re-ignite the light that is already in your hearts.  The flames that burn in all hearts are all one flame!  You just don’t know it.” JC

Most humans are familiar with the experience of feeling alone.  Feeling alone is the source of most people’s anxiety.  Fear can be the sensation of feeling alone when faced with a major challenge.

The feelings of isolation, loneliness and abandonment that confront most humans these days come from having disconnected from our creator.  Happily, it is by stilling your thoughts and going into the silence that you can reconnect with all that is holy.

A busy mind blocks your connection to God.  At the moment, too many people are in chaos so most of us are not connected to our inner flame.  Meditation is a path that reconnects you with the light that burns within you.  Your heart is the door.  When you still your thoughts and go into the silence, you connect to love.    But go in through your heart.  Your heart is the portal.

Love is the divine energy that connects everyone.  The feeling of love comes from within.  It comes from out of the silence.  When you feel most alone, that is the time to go into the stillness and connect with the inner flame that burns eternally, that connects you to all mankind, all divine beings, ascended masters, Buddha, Jesus, and ultimately, God.

Man’s sense of disconnection is the cause of all suffering on Earth.  The good news is that our sense of disconnection is an illusion.  The bad news is that it’s an illusion by design.  The feeling of isolation makes life a little tougher on Earth but tough lessons are our greatest teachers.  Loneliness and the sense of having been abandoned are a teaching.  All negative emotions are teachings which we must rise above, which we are to transcend so that we may ascend to our highest power, to the divine light.

Christ, Buddha, and other enlightened beings all carried the same message:  All people are lanterns.  All people shine divine light, but in this time, too many lamps have become corroded.  It is time to polish your lantern so that you shine once more.  It is time to look at your neighbour and see the divine light that shines in their hearts, and in the hearts of all men.  Connect to your inner light and to each other.  It is that light, the light in your heart that burns eternal, that will save mankind from his own downfall.  The clock is ticking.  This is the time of Christ Consciousness – of Love.  Live from love so that your light grows brighter.  Ignite the fire in each other’s hearts and set the world aflame with love.