Thoughts Are Things

“The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.”
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Most of you are familiar with the concept that ‘Thoughts Are Things’ (ref: Prentice Mulford).  Author and Speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer has written a book on how to manifest with thought called ‘The Power of Intention’.  The movie ‘The Secret’ also provides different instructions on how to manifest ‘things’ into your current reality.  Since learning about visualization in 1987, I’ve frequently used thoughts (affirmations, emotions and visualization) to manifest opportunities into being.  With enough focus, emotion and intention, everyone can manifest things coming into their lives.  You can probably recall many things you intended for yourself that eventually happened in one form or another.  You may also have noticed that very few things happened immediately because the manifestation process tends to be gradual.  ‘The Secret’ describes a delay effect.

At a recent lecture, I heard Physicist and Author, Thomas Campbell comment that “Thoughts are as real as rocks!”  The enormous conviction behind his statement surprised me and I found myself puzzling over this for several weeks.  In fact, I found myself taking the time  to think my thoughts through more carefully.  To better understand Tom Campbell’s thinking, I ordered his book  ‘My Big TOE’ on-line.  However, it just arrived at the post office, so I will pick it up tomorrow.

Today, I happened to be reading Bob Monroe’s ‘Journeys Out of Body’ and this shed some light on Thomas Campbell’s comment about thoughts.  After one of his out-of-body travels, Bob Monroe made the following observation:

‘In these worlds where thoughts are not only things, but are everything, including you, your poison or perfection is of your own making.  If you are a remorseless killer, you may end up in that part of Locale II (one of many non-physical dimensions) where all are of the same design.  This truly would be hell for such people, for there would be no innocent, defenseless victims.

Project this outwards, and you can begin to perceive the myriad variations.  Your destination in the heaven or hell of Local II seems to be grounded completely within the framework of your deepest constant (and perhaps non-conscious) motivations, emotions and personality drives.’

As I read Bob’s description, the significance of Thomas Campbell’s message became clearer.  In the slow-motion world of the physical, we do not immediately experience the consequences of our thoughts.  Regardless, every thought sets off a ripple effect across the cosmos.  Negative thoughts will set negative events in motion, in the same way that positive thoughts will set the stage for positive outcomes.  Given the immediate impact of thoughts in the spirit world, it strikes me that it is far better to learn thought control in the physical realm because, based on the experience of out-of-body explorers, the spirit realm seems to have less room for error.

Your thoughts are driving the bus.  Think carefully!