The Universe has a Message for You

“Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery.”  Timothy 4:14

Have you ever wondered if the universe was trying to tell you something?  Sometimes the messages are incredibly subtle.  At other times, the universe screams loud enough to wake-up the whole neighbourhood!

One summer, three different people, at three different times, told me I was a healer.   The first time this happened, Dream Interpreter, Michael Sheridan told me that some of my dreams indicated I was a ‘hands-on’ healer.  Since I knew nothing about hands-on healing and got sick like everyone else, I had my doubts about his interpretation.  However, shortly after that, Georgina Cannon of the Ontario Hypnosis Centre also commented, “Oh, you’re a healer!”  I asked how she could possibly know something like that and she responded, “You have healing energy.”  Getting the same message twice was interesting, but I remained skeptical.  Later, when I stopped to give a homeless gentleman a few coins, I was amused when he commented, “You’re different!”  This made me laugh and I responded, “Aren’t we all!”  He squinted his eyes and said, “No.  There’s something about you.  You’re different!”  To change the subject, I asked what had been the best part of his week and he described an amazing dinner he’d enjoyed with his friends at a local shelter.  We chatted a bit longer and then I said good bye and turned to go.  I was half way down the street when the man yelled out in a very loud voice, “I know!  You’re a healer!  That’s what you are!”  Not wanting to draw attention to myself, I kept walking.  However, I was startled by the coincidence and wondered how he’d arrived at the same conclusion as the other two.   Fast forward and today, I use both hypnosis and the laying on of hands to heal.  Those had been powerful messages!

Before a stranger in the street starts yelling at you to ‘wake-up to who you really are’ may I suggest you think about what the universe might be telling you at this moment and pay close attention!