The Monroe Institute

“Know and Remember That You Are More Than Your Physical Body”
Robert Monroe, Founder of The Monroe Institute

At the end of August, I spent a week at The Monroe Institute in Virginia at the TMI Gateway Program.  In the first session, the facilitators tell you that Gateway will likely be a life changing experience.  Though I was skeptical going in, I later realized, it was.

TMI’s patented sound technology is called Hemi-Sync.  It was created by Bob Monroe, Thomas Campbell and Dennis Mennerich in the 1970s.  Hemi-Sync allows a person to stay for very long periods in the theta state where both brain hemispheres become synchronized and the brain waves move together at 4 megahertz.  Four megahertz is a meditative state at the mid-point between ‘asleep and awake’.   This is a natural state that we all experience every night as we’re falling asleep and every morning as we’re waking up.  However, when you are able to remain in that state for long periods, you will find yourself dreaming while awake, seeing visions and premonitions, or having out-of-body experiences (OBE).   With Hemi-Sync, anybody can achieve the theta state.  However, once your brain memorizes these theta brain wave patterns, your memory can also take your mind back to the theta state at will, without relying on the technology.  Tibetan Buddhist Monks who tried Hemi-Sync said that they were able to achieve in 45 minutes what they had sought through 25 years of meditation.

The trip to Virginia was a surprize birthday gift from George.  My work life was so busy, I wondered how I could possibly take time to disappear for a week.  However, I did it.  Looking back, so many things happened, I’m still processing it all.   I learned so much that I highly recommend the experience because once you get into the altered state that Hemi-Sync puts you into, you will better understand who you are, that you are more than your physical body, you are eternal, your thoughts really are things, and you’re definitely on a mission is in this lifetime.  In my next posts, I’ll relay some stories of my experiences, and other people’s experiences as well.

Things I experienced:

Humans suffer from disorganized thought:  Meditation and hemisync can help you to organize your thoughts
Humans live in a world of time and space:  On Earth, time and space are illusions – by design
When we enter the Earth realm, we lose our present consciousness and forget who we are:  We are eternal spirits having physical experiences, lifetime after lifetime