See the Light

This Little Light“This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine.” Harry Dixon Loes (1895–1965)

Everyone carries a divine spark of light within them.  Sometimes it shines more brightly than others.  When it’s bright, you can see it shining clear as day.  Have you noticed it?

Today, I saw that divine light shining brightly in the eyes of a man suffering from a hangover on a park bench. As I did hands-on healing, he told me his story.

The man had suffered through an abusive childhood with an angry father.  As a result, he had drowned his sorrows in alcohol and blamed his current battle with addiction on his father’s rage.  Now an adult, he had his own family and though he loved them dearly, he couldn’t seem to rise above his dependence on drugs and alcohol.  They were his way of easing years of misery in early childhood.

The story was tragic but I couldn’t feel the man’s pain.  I was too distracted by the light shining in his eyes.  It was so incredibly beautiful, even mesmerizing.  Instead of feeling sad, the light made me feel joy.  Upon reflection, this makes perfect sense because divine light is love.

As I continued with the healing, the light in his eyes grew brighter. When I mentioned it, he couldn’t fathom the idea.  This is understandable.  Aren’t most of us oblivious to our own brilliance?

When you’re open, divinity will fan the flames and your own light will glow more brightly. I’ve seen it happen before, especially during hands-on healing, hypnosis, and prayer.  Divinity is always looking for a way to connect with you.  When you become more connected with the divine light, your own light shines more brightly.  Then, like a lantern, you illuminate the world and everyone in it.

In my book, Diamond Lantern:  Waking-up To Who You Really Are, I described observing how the auras of some people who were meditating became golden the instant they connected with spirit, also known as a ‘direct’ experience.  Just the other day, it occurred to me why this happens.  It’s because the divine spark within everyone is already golden.  When you allow divinity to work through you, your divine spark ignites into a radiant bonfire.  Said another way, you become more of who you really are, a divine being having a human experience.

“No man, when he hath lighted a candle, putteth it in a secret place, neither under a bushel, but on a candlestick, that they which come in may
see the light.” Luke 11:33