The Diamond Lantern – Waking Up To Who We Are!

Do you know who you are? Are you defined by the way you look, act, or think? What makes you – you? Does your job, your family or your possessions define you? What is your purpose? What are your burning desires? Exactly why are you here? What is your mission in this lifetime?

For years, I didn’t know the answers to these kinds of questions. I thought that being born was a random act. In my teens, I had entertained the noble goals of saving wolves, mountain gorillas, and working to preserve the world’s vanishing habitats.

However, since I didn’t know how to get started and had no money, I wrote protest letters to various governments, donated a few dollars to wildlife funds, and made a few other token gestures to appease my guilt, but barely made a dent in the situation.

My twenties were spent on a treadmill, working long hours, and making just enough money to get by. Former dreams and aspirations of saving the Planet faded into distant memory.

It seemed that the real goal in life was to become an expert at something, eliminate financial obstacles and achieve a higher standard of living that was greater than one ever dreamed. A more luxurious lifestyle, jetting to exotic places, eating in fine food restaurants, relaxing at beautiful spas and resorts around the world, and becoming financially secure in retirement and old age – that’s what life seemed to be about.

I was wrong. You and I are not who I thought we were. The Diamond Lantern is my story about waking up to who I really am. It is also a guideline for those of you who find yourself on a similar path and are asking the same questions.