Spirits In This Dimension

Spirits don’t have to be from another dimension.  Good friends who are very much alive on the Earth’s plain have occasionally communicated to me in spirit form.  It was never their intention.  However, it happened when they were unexpectedly confronted by a shocking or painful situation that they were unable to cope with.  Each time, they were hundreds of miles away.  Regardless, the communication channels were very clear.

In each case, I first noticed an aura, like a cloud of colour, appear in front of me.  It moved toward me then completely surrounded me like a cloak.  Immediately, I found myself in tears of sorrow or in physical agony, without knowing the reason why.

Very quickly, I came to realize that these types of events were premonitions.  Days, weeks or months later, I would hear that a friend experienced a traumatic event.  For example, one friend had a death in her immediate family, and another suffered from a sports accident that caused a broken limb.  Though these types of premonitions feel very real, as if you are experiencing the trauma yourself, they’re all in the mind.  So, happily, the intense feelings evaporate within seconds or minutes.

So, what does it all mean?  To me, it means the following:

1.      Our minds are extremely powerful
2       We are all connected
3.      Our spirits are eternal and never die

But don’t take my word for it.  Ask any physicist and they will tell you that matter cannot be created or destroyed.  Alternatively, develop your own mind.  Meditate to boost your own powers of intuition and discover for yourself how infinite you are.  I expect your experiences will be eye-opening and astounding and would love to hear about it!