Simple Steps to Happiness from James Robinson

This week, George and I were honoured to meet James Anderson, author, healer, and teacher of Eastern spirituality.  These are my notes from James’ lecture, where he explained that creating a happy life for yourself is easy, when you follow these simple steps on a daily basis:

Be Quiet for Ten Minutes: When you are quiet, you will come to understand that you are not your thoughts.  By choosing to ignore your thoughts you can experience real inner freedom.  When we give our thoughts our attention, we fuel them.  When this happens, we’re no longer in control, our thoughts are controlling us.

Focus On Your Own Path: Rather than look around and judge, criticize or envy others, stay focused on your own path.  Many people thrive on drama, chaos or sympathy.  If someone is feeling angry, fearful or hurt because of something you said or did, ask yourself, “Have I hurt this person intentionally?” If you have done nothing purposefully to upset someone, then they have chosen to feel the way they do.  Stay on your own path and be happy.

Smile and Heal Everyone Around You: James challenges people to be powerful enough to completely change the room with a smile.  He explains that when you connect with sheer joy, you are connecting with the divine.  When you are happy, you’re connected to God.  When you are unhappy, you are simply disconnected from the source from which we all came.

Develop Amnesia: Science has proven that memories can be inaccurate.  By holding on to old slights and wounds, we are the ones who suffer, not the people who hurt us.  Why not forget the bad stuff and focus on the good?  Forgive, forget and feel relief!

Cherish Your Enemies: Think of each person you encounter as a reflection of you.  Our enemies challenge us to rise above adversity, and in this way, they are our greatest teachers.  If you are connecting with angry people, there may be some anger issues you need to deal with.  When you find yourself surrounded by joyous people, you know that you are on-track.

Recognize that Everything is a Metaphor about Yourself: In every challenging situation step back and ask, “What lesson is here for me?”  Heaven and Hell are what we make of our lives right now.  If you’re happy, congratulations, you’re in heaven.  If you’re unhappy, you’re in hell.  You create everything in your life.  (One of my favourite books by C S Lewis ‘The Great Divorce’ is a wonderful depiction of this very thing.)

Happiness is Liking What You Get: James suggests that when you can accept the ‘present’ as a gift, you will be the happiest person on the planet.  He says that enlightenment is knowing that there is no difference between good and bad.  In every situation, good or bad, is an opportunity to learn, grow and advance in consciousness.

  • Victim = The World is Happening To Me
  • Enlightenment = The world is Happening For Me

The good news is that we can turn our programmed beliefs into whatever we want”  James Robinson

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