Reflections on Reincarnation

What fears are creating your reality?

When you think back on your life, can you recall several “Aha!” moments when you suddenly comprehended how the universe worked?  Perhaps when you were very young?

My beliefs and perceptions of the cosmos have evolved significantly over the years.  Today, I embrace the teachings of Buddha, Christ, Mohamed and many higher vibration beings from the spirit world.  Historically, however, I took the path of religion, starting out as an avid Anglican.  Born with the ‘fear’ of God in my heart, I was truly a baby bible-thumper.  If anyone didn’t attend church, I feared they would burn in hell.

At the age of five, I recall attending Sunday School.  One morning, our Sunday School teacher instructed us to draw pictures from the Bible to make a large wall mural.  Using crayons, I carefully drew and painted a picture of Jesus with a golden halo.  When two little boys started drawing Frankenstein knobs and ugly scars on the head of my painting, I was horrified.  Half expecting that lightning from heaven would strike the little boys, I recall thinking to myself, “Don’t they know that God and Jesus are watching?  Don’t they realize that we don’t get away with anything in this life?”  At five years old, I was very aware that God was watching every move we made and that every good or bad thought, every hurtful action or good deed, was somehow being recorded.  At the time, I didn’t know the word ‘karma’ but instinctively, I knew that we would all have to pay for any level of wrong-doing.

Intuitively, I knew that the Earth was a kind of school, a place to learn life lessons, in order to grow spiritually to become a better person.  My prayers were filled with requests for assistance in being a ‘good girl’ because I knew that perfection was the goal.

At the tender age of five, I also knew that I never wanted to be burned to death and can recall contemplating other less horrible ways to die.  My father worked with the Inuit in the Arctic and reported that freezing to death was like falling asleep.  With enormous relief, I tucked this little tidbit of information in the back of my mind, as a potential escape route in the future.

At age 26, I decided that reincarnation was a cold hard fact and that life and death were more like a game of ‘ Snakes and Ladders’.  Depending upon your choices and whether this life’s lessons were learned, or not learned, you would position yourself in either a ‘better next life‘ or a ‘worse next life‘.

It took me another 20 years to finally explore past lives through hypnosis.  At the time, my experiences were quite upsetting.  However, now they make me chuckle.  Why was I born a religious baby bible-thumper?  Why did I have the fear of God in me?  Why did I know that I never wanted to be burned to death?  As it turned out, in one of my past lives, I had been burned at the stake by Christians.

At five years old, I was governed by a mixture of truths and fears.  My childhood embrace of religion had more to do with my fear of dying another horrific death than anything else.  On the other hand, karma and reincarnation seem to be both a harsh reality and an amazing mechanism for spiritual growth.

So, what subconscious fears are creating your reality?