Ready for 2012

How can one prepare for the shifts that may occur on December 21, 2012?  One way is to look within and work to understand who and what you are.  We are all working our way toward higher consciousness so it makes sense to learn what we can from those who have evolved, …specifically, those who have evolved beyond the physical.  The following are quotes from Monroe Institute channeled teachings that may be worth contemplating:

“This is the very essence of why a soul steps into a physical body – to be able to break-through the time barrier of the consciousness, the Earth’s consciousness, the physical consciousness, into that timelessness of knowing and that timelessness of being in the highest form of energy that is within each pattern of each energy self.” Channeled Teacher

“Earth is a testing ground, a proving ground.  With our bodies, we are able to work out our karma in a more effective way than in the other plains.” Hans

“The human brain has within it a composite of experiences that extend beyond the lifetime of the individual.  And it’s the mind that interprets.  The higher mind knows.  The higher mind is wise and in touch with the wisdom.  But the ordinary every day human mind is the interpreter of the information that is stored in the brain.” Hans

“There is a centrifical force that creates vibrations that hold the energy consciousnesses together.  On some plains of reality, there is no gravity but the beings are still in the same space that you occupy.  You are not the only form of energy that sits in your chair.”  Miranon

“Mathematics offers an intellectual insight into some very spiritual principals.  But all of them go back to the seven vibrational states.  Within those are all the mathematical formulas that tie the cosmos together.  For example, the sixteen petaled lotus.  All that is, is 28 levels of consciousness in a pattern on top of each other so that levels 5 and 7 form the 16 petals of the lotus.  And rather than extending in an up-down kind of relationship, they are seen as an on-top of each other, not quite at the same angle,.  And this is what happens when a person has to make a transition from the physical plain to the spiritual plain.” Miranon

“If the mind/body can be put into first a theta state then a greater awareness, then a sharper visualization, will facilitate the healing, both self healing and healing of others.” TC