Profound Experiences

“Many, if not most, great thinkers since antiquity have given paranormal events and mystical truth claims a central place in their philosophies.”  Michael Murphy

There are many ways to expand your consciousness. Meditation is one way.  In previous posts, I have described different meditation techniques. At the Monroe Institute, meditation combined with different formulas of sound will raise your vibration and likely take you into an incredible and life changing experience. May I suggest expanding things by also experimenting with hypnosis. It’s simply meditation with a purpose and can fast-track profound experiences because it by-passes the conscious mind quickly. Self-hypnosis is relatively easy and there are countless ways to do it (CDs, YouTube) or visit a certified hypnotherapist to go really deep.

I’ve had similar experiences with both meditation and hypnosis. In hypnosis, I’ve been guided to have past-life experiences and life-between lives experiences, which were all important reminders of who I really am and why I’m here on the planet again.

Before I turned to hypnosis, between 2001 and 2010, I also found myself reliving past-lives and in-between lives, facing guides and a council of elders, though I didn’t fully understand what was happening at the time.  Those stories are in my book, to be available in March.  All these experiences seemed spontaneous. However, in chatting with Physicist and Out-of-Body Expert, Thomas Campbell, he explained that we are often ‘given’ experiences when we’re ready to see the bigger picture. Higher consciousness beings can raise our vibration and take us beyond this physical realm when we need a wake-up call. Your guides are always working hard to communicate, influence you, and increase your vibration.

Mother Earth is anxiously waiting for humans to wake-up and evolve. At the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, I recently experienced extensive guidance through her.  You can also ask Mother Earth to show you what you need to know, and she will probably take you on a journey down memory lane because she has known us through our many incarnations.

Places to have a profound experience:
Ontario Hypnosis Centre: (Toronto)
The Monroe Institute:; (Virginia) (Calgary)
In April, I will also provide Past Life Regression and Inter-Life Regression (Calgary)

Good Luck On Your Journey!


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