Preparing for 2012

“It is beginning now.  It is an evolution in which all beings will begin to radiate light, light that they can perceive and light that can be perceived in the cosmos.”  Miranon

What’s the buzz about the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012?  In the 1970’s, a higher consciousness spirit named Miranon who was channeled through an out-of-body researcher at The Monroe Institute explained that the Earth has gone through four evolutions and it will go through three more evolutions.  Miranon explained that Christ consciousness has been the master of the 4th evolution and when the world enters the 5th evolution, there will be newer and greater teachings, but not until then.

According to Hypnotherapist, Delores Cannon, the end of the Mayan calendar marks the end of a 5125 year solar cycle and the beginning of heightened levels of consciousness.  For forty years, Mrs. Cannon has collected research from her clients while in a deep trance state.  In this state, they have recalled past and future lives plus in-between lives.  Many have stated that they were volunteers who came to assist the Earth in this very troubled time.  Delores has heard the same messages from countless clients who describe how the entire planet will change in frequency and vibration and shift to another dimension.  She says that in order to match the Earth’s energy shift, the vibration and frequency of humans must change.

What I found interesting is that both the research from The Monroe Institute and Delores Cannon’s research describe how beings from all over the cosmos are now watching to see if humans can succeed in evolving in harmony with the Earth’s evolution.  Earth’s evolution is being described as a division into two Earths.  One Earth will remain at a lower frequency energy with more negative beings remaining attached through their karmic debt and a second higher frequency Earth may attract more positive and loving Earthlings.  We humans now have an opportunity to evolve with our planet to a higher plain.  Delores Cannon comments that, eventually, beings on the old Earth will catch-up.  However, many have the chance to ascend sooner.

Humans are being advised to lighten-up in advance of the potential shift.  You can raise your vibration emotionally, spiritually and physically by coming from a place of love, focusing on the positive and eating a much lighter diet.  The lightest food is ‘living’ food such as fresh fruits and vegetables.  Beef and pork are considered spiritually heavy.

“…the Earth in itself is shifting into a higher form of consciousness and in order for the Earth entity, it is a live form, to shift into this consciousness it has to go through the shake-down of those negative forms that have existed around it…”  Miranon