Past Life Regression

“Know, therefore, that from the greater silence I shall return….Forget not that I shall come back to you….A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me.”  Kahil Gibran

Past life regression can take you on a fascinating journey to one or multiple lives that you experienced in previous lifetimes.  Your soul automatically takes you to places where issues have remained unresolved for years, decades or millenia.  Past life regression is a way to resolve those past issues, clear karma, and evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

Theoretically, when you re-live pivotal moments in your past life, having arrived there via a vision, while in a meditative trance, or through an induction by a trained professional hypnotherapist, you no longer need to repeat that life’s lessons.  When you learn the lessons of previous lifetimes, past life regression can drastically shorten the number of incarnations you are required to experience on planet Earth.  Earth is the journey, not the final destination.  Earth is the school.  Mother Earth provides an amazing path toward liberation and enlightenment.

We tend to forget that we are spirits having a human experience.  We forget our past lives and our life between lives.  This is by design.  It would be too difficult to focus on your current life if you were constantly remembering that you were once a king but are now a working stiff putting in long hours, that your little brother killed you with an axe, or your mother had been considered a witch and you’d burned her at the stake.

According to out-of-body explorer, Robert Monroe who founded the Monroe Institute, humans who have graduated from planet Earth are very well respected by other beings in the cosmos because Earth is one of the tougher schools.  This is truly a school of hard knocks.  Robert Monroe discovered that he was not originally from Earth.  However, once he arrived here, he got caught in the karmic cycle.  In the last month, I have met at least two individuals that are on Earth for the first time ever.  In past life regressions, one young man discovered that he previously lived on a fiery planet as a fire being.  A young woman was amazed to discover that she once was a planet.  She’s come to this world to help Mother Earth.  What an eye-opener for me!

Now, I can better understand the consciousness of Mother Earth.  She, like everyone else, is a being who is learning, growing and evolving to higher consciousness.  In an inter-life regression, I was told that I am “of the Earth” .  In fact, most of us have been on this planet for a very long time so the majority of us are intimately connected with Mother Earth.  Her pain is our pain.  Her suffering is our suffering.  Edgar Cayce taught that human negativity is the root cause of many volcanos, sunspots, and countless natural disasters.  However,when we come from a place of love, when we heal ourselves and become liberated, Mother Earth will also feel loved, she will also heal, and she will also move further along the path to higher consciousness.

Everything is in our hands so it’s time to wake-up, become conscious and accountable!