Past Life Healing

  “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” Plato

Last week, I chatted with someone who had attended the TMI Gateway program years earlier.  At the program, he said that he had found himself drawn to a woman in the class and that he had quickly developed strong feelings for her.   He also found himself drawn to a man and they had instantly became best buddies.  As the program progressed, and they went deeper and deeper into a trance state, those three individuals began to recall past lifetimes.  As the memories surfaced, strong emotions surfaced with them, and they all began to struggle with intensely negative or positive feelings toward each other.   It turned out that, during one of those past lives, the three had been involved in a tangled love/hate triangle.

In the past life, the man had been a woman who had suffered terribly under the rule of a cruel and abusive father.   He was astonished to discover that his past life lover was now male and was his new best buddy.  In that past lifetime, his father had viciously attacked and killed him to prevent their marriage.   He was amazed to discover that the cruel and abusive father of his past life was now the female student to whom he was very attracted to in this life.  As time went on, deeply buried and conflicting emotions began to bubble up and explode and he found himself coping with a confusing mix of attraction, grief, and rage.  However, he managed to deal with everything and TMI became a major healing experience for him because he was able to comprehend, forgive, and release hundreds of years of pent-up emotion.

I’ve heard a wild variety of experiences from people who attended TMI programs and every one has been unique to the participants.  It seems that evolving in consciousness requires more than just education, meditation, and becoming aware of the spirit realms.  It also means surfacing past insults, hurts, and wounds and healing them so that we can clear the slate and grow.