Paradise can be Earth

Paradise“The manner in which an individual, a community, a state or nation treats those less fortunate, those ill, those aged and infirm, those mentally possessed, is the manner in which such an individual, community, state or nation serves its Maker.” Edgar Cayce

A friend and I shared how we’d both seen signs of impending doom for the planet.  Science puts Earth past the tipping point. Suffering faces of homeless combined with severe storms and flash flooding in major Canadian cities remind me that time is running out.

While some would head for higher hills, build bomb shelters, or buy books on survival training, it’s not your physical survival that’s at stake, it’s your soul.  Happily, the solution is surprizingly simple.

The Golden Rule is your salvation.

Mankind’s problems aren’t physical.  They’re spiritual.  Revival of the natural world will occur when we all wake-up from whatever nightmare we’ve created and each person begins extending kindness to themselves, mankind, and all of Earth’s inhabitants.

When you realize that you’re a divine being, renting a physical body for a temporary learning experience in God’s garden, you will stop neglecting, harming, polluting or destroying your own body, mind and spirit, and everyone else’s.  Abuses like poverty, air, ground and water pollution, over-crowding, over-fishing, destruction of the environment through industry expansion, oil spills or clear-cutting, violence and war come down to fear, greed, ignorance and insensitivity.  When you truly do unto others as you would have them do unto you, your world will be a cleaner, safer, kinder and more beautiful place.

Simple steps work.  When you realized that your car spewed tons of poisonous toxins that you, your family and neighbours would be forced to inhale, what measures did you take to reduce that pollution?  Did you buy a hybrid?  Did you walk or take transit as often as possible?  Did you start buying local or organic produce to reduces miles of trucking and fuel burning? Or, did you ignore these kinds of considerations?

When you realized that you were feeling miserable or angry too often and creating misery in the world around you, what measures did you take to feel happy?  Did you start knocking on doors for solutions from clinical hypnotists, counsellors, or other specialists?  Did you start reading books to understand how to fix your moods?  What did you do to change and brighten your world instead of darken it? Or, did you ignore the warning signs and simply keep going?

When you joined a company that violated your core values, what did you tell yourself?  It’s only short term.  I need the money to feed my family?  I’m just one person and helpless to change the system?

Been there, done that – the good, bad and the ugly.

What I’ve learned is that there are spiritual rules and consequences to being human.  Most importantly, we’re all joined at the hip. My sins hurt you as your sins hurt me.  We’re all cut from the same cloth and woven together in one grand tapestry.  Though we can sometimes feel very much alone in this world, when we wake-up inside, we begin to count on ourselves and each other to transcend the pain and ascend to a place of peace, harmony and unconditional love.  Add in clean air, water, and miles of pristine wilderness, and you have Heaven on Earth.

Paradise is possible and it starts with you.  Heal yourself and you heal the world.  Save yourself and you save everyone.  When your soul achieves salvation, your heightened awareness lifts everybody on the planet.  Allow the Golden Rule to rule your day!

Elizabeth Rose


  1. I like this one, Elizabeth. A courageous song for our times. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you. Much appreciated! So much work to do and so little time.
      Been reading your messages on Was moved by ‘Where Love Begins’.
      Light & Love,