Palmistry vs. Hypnosis

“Maybe you are here on earth to learn that life is what you make of it, and it’s to be enjoyed.”  Richard Sutphen
In 1998, I felt compelled to study palmistry.  To my surprize, with enough practice, people reported that I was able to accurately read their histories by looking at the lines on their hands.  I could also see the potential future in the lines of their palms but never followed-up to see if anything came true.  After a few years, I stopped reading palms and focused on consciousness exploration through hypnosis, which led to deep trance channelling, and channelled healing.  Given my experiences with palm reading and hypnosis, I found the following articles interesting:
An article by Elizabeth Baron states that Palmistry can trace its roots back to Greece when Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.) discovered a treatise on palmistry on an alter of Hermes.  He presented this to Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.E.) who took great interest in examining the character of his officers by analyzing the lines on their hands.
The left hand is thought to show the qualities you come to this earth with and the right hand shows the potential that you can fulfill with your free will.  The hand, just like your own facial structure and other parts of your body, can be used to identify certain things about you.
Elizabeth Baron commented that no one can read your future unless they, as gifted spiritual seekers, have developed their ability, along with the hand as a guide, are able to go into your Akashic records, Your Book of Life, or the Soul, which she described as a little ball of light the size of a golf ball that lives in the solar plexus in the spirit body  and records everything you have ever done, or ever will do.  She says that these sources provide a record of what is in your soul, such as your purpose, your talents, and your abilities.  Elizabeth Baron cautions that there is very little in your future that you cannot change or totally miss out on with your own free will.
My experience with hypnosis has shown that being in a hypnotic trance allows anyone, including you, to tap into ‘everything you have ever done, or ever will do‘ because EVERYTHING is recorded in your subconscious mind.  With hypnosis, you are in the driver’s seat.  A good psychic can correctly translate the information they see, hear or feel, which is an amazing gift for those of us who aren’t tuned-in to the non-physical world of spirit.  However, if you wish to have first-hand experience, with hypnosis, you can rely entirely upon yourself and your own experience, not someone else’s.   A hypnotist or hypnotherapist simply guides you to the point where you can start to access the unconscious for all kinds of information.  After the session, you will likely recall everything that happened in great detail.
Having experienced quite a few past life regressions, the drama, heightened emotions, and vivid imagery convinced me that many of these previous lives were very real and not my imagination.  However, others were as if I was stepping into the consciousness of someone else.  Regardless, each past life carried with it a theme (in my case, Writing, Twin Flames, and Christ Consciousness) and also included certain people that continue to play a role in my current life.
Hypnosis is an excellent tool for healing.  Scientific research has shown that all pain is in the mind.  If you are suffering from pain or an illness, a hypnotherapist can by-pass your conscious mind and ask your unconscious what is the cause of a problem, the areas that are afflicted, and what would be the potential remedy.  Your unconscious mind knows ALL.  Hypnosis is a way to access that information.


  1. It is only very recently that I have come to the conclusion that reading someone’s palms is a form of hypnosis. (I have been reading palms and hands professionally for some 20 years). When a person agrees to a palm-reading you ask them to show you their palms. This is a show of trust in you. It’s a bit like your cat allowing you to pat his tummy.

    Back in 1993 when I visited the Philippines for the first time, I met with the mystic and spiritual healer Angel Caasi, who emphasized to me that I was a healer and could read people’s Akashic records, and that no-one had the right to dispute that. I needed a bit more convincing than that, so he showed me that my left hand had a strong magnetic pull in it and I was instrumental at the time to call on healing for my friend, through calling on Jesus Christ to work through me. In reality it was intercessory prayer. For some days my friend felt healed and then he started to doubt the effectiveness of the praying. You know that when a person really believes in the healing Divine Intervention of the Christ and God, many things are possible. I must say here, that there is pre-destination, things we inherit, in terms of illness, eg the likelihood of cancer at a certain age. Yet if we really would take care of our lifestyle and eating habits, even cancer need not be a death sentence.

    I have had a meditative hypnosis done to stop me chewing my nails. It helped for about 3 weeks. I must have “snapped out of it” at that point. Now I just consciously try to stop that compulsion.

    Doing the palm-readings I have found that a door opens in my head to information that often isn’t in a person’s hand and then I just relate what has come to me – with astonishing accuracy, both to my client and to myself. I do not consider myself a medium. On occasions it’s deja vu, other times some sort of association forms in my mind, and sometimes it’s a straight out “nail on the head” without any forethought. I am always 110% careful of what I say because a palm-reader’s words DO IMPACT on the listener, and I want that what I tell the person to be able to be used for good in their life. I have met some of my clients years down the track and they tell me that everything I said about their life has come true. So, is this hypnosis or pre-destination?

    On the basis of the aforesaid I can now understand better why palm-readers were classed as witches in medieval times. Actually we still are. There is more acceptance for gays than there is for palm-readers today.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Ilze,
      Thank you for sharing your fascinating insights. I hadn’t thought of palm reading as hypnosis, so that’s interesting. It seems to me that things like palm reading, tarot cards, or aura reading are all tools that provide a focal point to better “tune-in” to receive divine guidance. That being said, every cell provides a DNA blueprint for the entire human body so it makes sense that palms might provide a road map. To me, palm reading indicates a snap-shot of the path you’re currently on. When you change your behaviour, and make different types of decisions, your palm changes. Recently, I explained to a woman who belonged to a social group that I practice and teach hypnosis, practice and teach hands-on healing, plus read auras, and do Egyptian Numerology. In response, she said, “That’s great! We’ll book you for a palm reading party!” I hadn’t mentioned palm reading, but did the party and it was fun. Happily, they said it was quite accurate. If you don’t already, perhaps you might advertise “palm reading parties” for entertainment purposes to attract more clients who could benefit from your gift. People will tuck the information in the back of their minds then when it comes true, they’ll become regular clients. Just a thought.
      Ilze, thank you again and I wish you great success!
      Light, Love and Laughter!