Out of Body, Out of Mind

 And when the Earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.”  – Kahil Gibran

At The Monroe Institute Gateway program in Virginia, we students learned to move from this physical ‘time and space’ world to a realm of ‘no time’ with the end goal of achieving an out-of-body state.  As I mentioned in my previous post, my initial out-of-body moments were fleeting, though quite amusing. However, the final OBE before I left Virginia was profound.

In my initial OBE, I woke up to find myself observing myself just three inches from my own face. It was so startling, I immediately snapped back into my body.

In my second OBE, I found myself doing a forward roll out of my body but was immediately pushed back by two non-physical beings who said, “We know you little lady!” I have no idea who they were, or why they pushed me back. However, clearly, we had a history!

During my third OBE, I thought I’d go out of my mind.  I’m still working to understand the experience, but here’s how it went.  Using visualization, I had pictured myself running forward into the future through imaginary screens in an attempt to cleanse all my doubts, negativity and earthly emotional baggage. Surprise!!  As the screens separated my physical bonds from my non-physical spirit, I ran smack dab into the spirit of someone from one of my past lives. In the ‘no time’ realm, I experienced how thoughts really are things because those imaginary screens had instantly become real and opened me to an encounter with another being that was far more electrifying and real than any connection I’ve experienced on the Earth plain. Imagine yourself magically merging with someone else and immediately feeling everything they feel, seeing everything they see, and recalling a previous lifetime together, all in one explosive flash.  Even then, you will have only the vaguest idea of the experience because it’s something you would have to experience for yourself.

When you go out-of-body, your experiences teach you who you truly are, how much bigger you really are, and that everyone you’ve ever known is eternal.  As one tiny fragment of the Creator, you can also experience your own amazing creative potential.  With this in mind, back on Earth, it makes enormous sense to organize your thoughts and focus every intention very carefully, because thoughts are things and you are creating your reality in every moment!