Out of Body …and I Feel Fine!

As a child, I lived with a sense of impending doom.  I envisioned a world of drastic geological changes, a population reduced to just a few survivors, and the only goal being the physical survival of our human species.  As the years passed, I established a collection of survival manuals plus books on efficient gardening techniques and sustainable farming methods.  How wrong I was.  My sense of doom and gloom was a misinterpretation of the messages I was receiving.  As I mentioned in the previous post, physical survival is not the ultimate goal.  Spiritual awakening is!

So many people fear illness, pain and death.  Here’s a story to ponder.  Hypnotherapist, Dick Sutphen described how, many years ago, a prisoner was regularly tortured in Alcatraz Prison.  Amazingly, to escape the agonizing pain, his spirit started taking him out-of-body during the sessions of torture.  While in a non-physical state, this prisoner found himself visiting people that were complete strangers.  Over time, however, one of them became his wife and another one became the new prison warden.  That warden, together with this prisoner’s help, established new prison reforms that ended the vile punishment practices, such as torture.

With enough practice, anyone can learn to go out-of-body.  Out of body techniques are taught regularly at The Monroe Institute.  Consider the possibilities.  When you realize who  and what you really are, an eternal spirit inside a temporary physical body, your fears of illness, pain and death can evaporate.  You can also put your OBE technique to good use through The Monroe Institute’s ‘LifeLines’ program for rescuing souls.  There are thousands of humans who have died, but not realized that they’re dead.  Consequently, they become ‘stuck’ like ghosts between the physical and non-physical dimensions.   LifeLine participants can communicate with these spirits to help them realize their body died, and then help to release them to the spirit world (i.e. home).  How absolutely amazing we can be!

The possibilities are infinite because you are infinite.