More on What to Eat

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”


Further to the dilemma about what to eat, you can download a Monroe Institute Recording that sheds light on the consciousness of plants, …or simply read my chicken-scratch excerpt below.  Thoroughly inspired by the experiences of Buddha, Thomas Campbell, Bob Monroe, and many others, I am constantly reminded to stick with veggies!  It strikes me that the full benefit of vegetarianism may be beyond our human comprehension, since most of us can barely grasp consciousness from our narrow physical Earthling perspective – hence my endless researching, meditation, and messing around with altered states.

This is an excerpt from a recording of a TMI researcher (Explorer) who is describing her experience while in an out-of-body state. The method used to get ‘out-of-body‘ is HemiSync, a sound technology developed in the 1960’s and 1970’ and readily available at The Monroe Institute:

TMI Explorer Series – Tape 10

Explorer: There’s a man, he’s coming in to join us and this man is dressed into, what a hunter would have worn hundreds of years ago. It’s sort of a long vest and it’s on top of another shirt and pants. He has a hat. He has dark hair. I asked him who he was and he said he was another guide on the same plain as this Hans. His name is Minarton. I don’t know if that’s the same name.

Bob Monroe: Ask him if he’s got a specialty in the area of guiding?

Explorer: He says he has an interest in the outdoors and things to do with land and conservation. He doesn’t know if that’s a specialty or not, and he kind of chuckles about that.

Bob: Ask him if he understands the basic needs of growing of plants for example, does he go into that?

Explorer: He says sometimes he can communicate with the plant spirits and sometimes, he can put humans in touch with the plant spirits.

Bob; How does he do that?

Explorer: He has a way of getting the attention of the human. Sometimes he just kind of imperceptibly reaches out so the human feels a pull toward the plant. He says that’s why there are some people who seem to know exactly what to do in the growing of plants, trees, all kinds of foliage.

Bob: Does he know of ways to help?

Explorer: Plant needs fresh clear air, sunshine, fertilizer and water. But it needs another kind of quality, a recognition of its consciousness. And those people who take care of the plants are able to help the plant grow by recognizing its consciousness, being completely aware that this is a conscious being and the plant responds to this and will put out everything it has toward growth.

Bob; Is there a way that we can learn to do this?

Explorer: He says it’s not a matter of learning. It’s just a matter of accepting that this is a fact and adjusting one’s attitude accordingly. Simply be aware that each plant has the capacity to feel its environment and feel the emotions.

Bob: What attitude should we take then when we harvest plants for our own consumption.

Explorer: Thankful attitude. This consciousness of the plant does not intend to be continually living in a plant form. It is very willing to be transformed into another form of consciousness by being used as food or any other industrial use that is necessary for survival so we just have an attitude of thankfulness, like thanking the plant for growing to this state. He says, the plant really has a choice to either grow larger and more healthy or not.

Bob: If one consumes that plant, does that consciousness then become part of the person that consumes the plant.

Explorer: Yes, it contributes to the life force. He says that’s why people are more vibrant who eat fresh and raw foods because the consciousness is still alive in the plant and transfers to the person who consumes it, or the animal who consumes it.

The Monroe Institute has various out-reach branches around the world.


  1. Hey There Diamondlantern,
    I take your point, I have relatively minimal tolerance in any lactose use and i have gastritis, which i know i cant consume any spicy, gassy meals or everything with caffeine, etcetera. So what meals ,other fruit lol, can i consume? What foods can basically help gastritis? Any recommendation is much appreciated thank you c:
    Catch you again soon!

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      My Sympathies Peter!
      Thank you for writing in about your experience. May I suggest you completely eliminate dairy, eat tons of green leafy vegetables, and occasionally supplement with calcium pills. I learned very late in life that my inability to tolerate dairy meant my body had been rejecting calcium for decades and my bones actually started to crumble. Also, it turned out that many starches were causing me grief. According to Dr. J. Sobieraj (and my neighbours) starches tend to require maximal insulin function to be removed from the blood. I eat tons of brown rice and non-wheat fibre. Here’s are some non-starch, non-cow’s milk, food suggestions:
      •MEATS: chicken, turkey, fish, seafood
      •FRESH FRUIT: any type, including bananas, melons, and grapes
      •GOAT MILK PRODUCTS: any type, but NO cow’s milk products. Interestingly, I’ve never had a problem eating cheese in Italy, France and Greece.
      •DRIED FRUITS: any type, but NO canned fruits, however.
      •VEGETABLES: any type in any quantity. Note: Corn, peas and potatoes are not considered vegetables (too starchy).
      •LEGUMES: you may eat kidney beans, pinto beans, navy beans, black eyed peas, etc.
      •NUTS: you may eat any type of nut, but should limit to one ounce a day (Note, nuts soaked in water are preferable. It turns out that nuts destroy enzymes and decrease one’s ability to break-down food)
      •EGGS are ok also
      •SEEDS are excellent
      The only alternatives I keep on-hand are as follows:
      Daiya (like cheese – melts like cheese – great alternative – made of tapioca not soy)
      Rice Milk, Almond Milk, (and Soy in moderation as it has estrogenic properties)
      I hope these suggestions help. Let me know how it goes for you!
      Light, Love and Joy