More Dream Interpretation

Dreams are more real than reality itself, they’re closer to the self.  GAO XINGJIAN

In the previous post, I described how dreams provide guidance and direction and frequently point to our spiritual gifts when they’re being under-utilized.  Many people believe that dream symbols are completely unique to each individual and therefore cannot be interpreted.  This is likely true in a few cases.  However, there are also certain symbols that are universal or even cosmic.  Mental telepathy is the transmission of thought.  We think in images before any words come to mind.  Imagery is the language of the non-physical world of spirit and it is also the language of dreams.  Your guides use dreams to communicate important messages.

For the last few years before my father passed away, he complained of repeatedly hearing a telephone ringing in his dreams.  When this happened the first few times, he woke-up and ran to the telephone but found nobody on the end of the line.  The sound of the ringing telephone haunted his dreams for years because it was trying to tell him that he was telepathic but was not using this spiritual gift.  The day before my father died, his telepathic ability kicked-in and he received some comforting messages and saw some amazing things that I could not see.

In 2001, I saw an image of myself wearing a pearl necklace and for the next few years, I had recurring dreams of eagles soaring high in the sky and dreamed of crystals with a single eye on every facet.  In one dream, a magician handed me a crystal ball.  At the time, I didn’t know what the pearls, crystals or eyes meant.  However, I figured out over time that the colour pearl and the different crystal symbols were letting me know I would start to see certain events from the future before they occurred.  The single eye alerted me to the fact that my clairvoyance was also waking-up.  When I stumbled onto Michael Sheridan’s Dream Interpretation web site around 2007, it confirmed many of these things and proved to be a wealth of knowledge moving forward.

Here are some more dream symbols with interpretations summarized from Michael Sheridan’s Aisling Dream Dictionary.   Fascinating stuff!

Automatic / Inspired Writer / Poet

Magic pen; Poet or Shakespeare as guide




Television set; An eye


Radio, references to the ear, telephone.


Color Soft or Pearl White; Crystal ball, birds (high flying), Dreams where you just knew what would happen next,Fortune teller as guide

Spiritual Teacher/Leader

Color Purple; Groups, puns on the word mass (influencing the masses); The pope, bishop or queen as guide.

Absent Healer / Projector / Hypnotist

Radio Station, Television station, puns on the word poster, looking inside a persons body, TV personality.Hypnotist, TV personality, etc. as guide.