Make Room

“Be creative and use powerful actions in line with what you want. If you want to attract the perfect partner, then make room in your closet. If you want to attract a new house, then tidy up your current house so it is ready for easy packing. If you want to take a trip then get out your suitcases, surround yourself with pictures of the location, and put yourself in the pictures. Think about what you would do if you had your desire, and then take creative actions that make it clear you are receiving it now.” Rhonda Byrne

What’s your dream? What is it that you always wanted to do as a child?  What or who did you want to be when you grew up?

My favourite line from comic Lily Tomlin was from her portrayal of a ditzy blond ‘bimbette’ who contemplates, “I always wanted to be somebody. …Hmmm. Guess I should have been more specific!” Lily’s message is a reminder to be specific! Make things crystal clear so that you stay on-track to achieving your goal.

When you have a burning desire to go somewhere, to become something, or to step up to the plate and take action, it’s because you’re supposed to. You’re supposed to be following your heart, becoming the person of your dreams, and doing that very thing you’ve always longed to do. When the people who follow their dreams become our heroes and heroins, it’s because they have the courage to do what we secretly want to do. All of us want to fulfill our mission on this planet in our lifetime. Our big goals, dreams and desires are our purpose calling to us.

Live, breathe, think your dreams. Think from the end. Keep your eye on the vision. When your dreams become top of mind, in every conversation, and the image is posted on every wall, miraculously the right people, situations and opportunities show up to make your dreams come true. Know that your dream is as good as manifested, and it manifests.

…Speaking of dreams, when you have a nightmare with something big and bad chasing you, it’s a reminder about something that you need to be doing.  When we sleep, our dreams will often make things very scary in order to make us stop, pay attention, and fix the situation.  Michael Sheridan of Aisling Dream Interpretation can assist you with this.