Love or Fear

Two days ago, while meditating, the vision of a graph with a series of sharp spikes appeared in front of me.  As is usually the case, I had no idea what this meant. However, seeing a graph was somewhat peculiar because I am a right-brained artistic type who usually sees pictures with nothing mathematical about them. Perplexed, I mentioned the vision of the graph to George, who is a scientist and he agreed it was strange for me to see this and commented, “It must be significant!”

Yesterday, while browsing through Thomas Campbell’s My-Big-Toe web site, I stumbled onto a post that contained a video. As I watched the video, there was a clip with Gregg Braden, an author who combines scientific and spiritual research.  In it, Braden described the following:

“The United States has two satellites, called the GOES Satellites, and their role is to measure the magnetic fields of the Earth and send back readings every 30 minutes. Those usually fall within a certain range of data that Scientists are relatively used to seeing. It was in September, 2001, that scientists began to see readings that were off the scale, compared to what they had seen in the past. They asked, “What could be influencing the magnetic activity of the entire globe?”  They overlaid the data of the satellites onto a calendar of months and days and found that the spikes were occurring precisely during the time of September 11, 2001. The first spike occurred 15 minutes after the first plane hit the first tower in the World Trade Center.”

Upon viewing this video, three thoughts occurred to me:

The video includes some predictions of the future. In my opinion, predictions can never be certain. Personally, I’ve seen many dire prophetic visions but thankfully, not all of them have come to pass.  This is because free will prevails and we create and change future outcomes as we go along.   The more we evolve in consciousness and come from a place of love, the brighter our future.

If the data is accurate, the spikes of electromagnetic activity in the graph can likely be explained by the surge of fear that so many of us felt when we realized that the United States was under attack on U.S. soil.  It was a shocking and unprecedented event.  Regardless, Mother Earth and human beings are intimately connected. The heightened turbulence experienced by the planet is a reflection of the collective turbulence of human hearts, minds and activities.

If a global wave of fear had such an impact on our planet, then Mother Earth’s screams for help are understandable.  (See eBook for story).