When Dreams are Past Life Memories

“Non, je ne regrette rien (No, I regret nothing)” Édith Piaf song

In the 1970s  I had a vivid dream about being a soldier fighting in the French Foreign Legion.  In  the dream, I led my troops away from an enemy pursuing us on foot.  I carried a rifle fitted with a baïonnette.  Waving one arm, I signalled my troops to run ahead while I stayed back and hid behind a house.

Like a sniper, I shot each enemy soldier as they appeared within my gun sight.  My soldiers managed to get away.  However, my luck changed when the enemy found my hiding place.  Before I could dive for cover, I was shot in the face and my body was riddled with bullets.  I still recall the dull ‘thud’ of each bullet as it hit.  Blinded by blood in my eyes, I felt my legs buckle and my body crash to the ground.  Lying helplessly in a heap, I couldn’t move my arms or legs.  I recall feeling an overpowering sense of frustration, rage, and sadness.  My last thought as I died was, ‘No!  I haven’t lived yet!’

Recently, when I tried past-life regression using hypnosis, I was surprized to discover that this dream had been a memory from a previous lifetime.  Under hypnosis, the past life regression gave me an opportunity to recall that event in more detail so that I could better understand it.  Past Life Regression can help to fill in missing puzzle pieces.

Under hypnosis, I saw clearly the soldier I had been.  In the French Foreign legion, I had sacrificed everything for the military life.  When I wasn’t fighting, I spent many hours in a fort doing drills and exercises with weapons.  Occasionally, I returned home to a lovely estate with beautifully manicured lawns and colourful gardens.  It was such a beautiful place, it made my heart sing.  I lived for beauty, yet found myself driven to fight.  Because of my constant travelling, I lived alone.  However, before I chose bachelorhood, I had been deeply in love with a beautiful and elegant woman who loved to laugh.  We spent happy times together for a while, but as my military life unfolded, she gave up on me because I travelled extensively and couldn’t be there for her.  When she finally married someone else, it broke my heart.  When I died, it was with the regret of having fought instead of pursuing my love of the arts, music, and the beautiful woman.

Lesson learned?

The reason past life regression returns us to pivotal and traumatic moments from previous lives is because these issues are still uresolved and the lessons from that lifetime are unlearned.  Happily, past-life regression can remind you of what’s really important, assist you in clearing your karmic debt, and move you further up the consciousness ladder.  There is always hope for us!