Life Happens When You’re Making Other Plans

On July 5th, just five minutes away from boarding a plane, I suddenly felt chest pains.  My intuition told me to call my father because he was a heart patient.  I was relieved when he answered the phone but discovered he was indeed experiencing serious chest pains in that moment.  In a daze, I hung up the phone, called 911, then made my way through the airport to the car rental and drove to the hospital.  An hour later, when I arrived in Emergency, my father had already been tested and diagnosed as having had a heart attack, congestive heart failure and renal failure.  However, he was chipper and remained in good humor.

After a week in intensive care, my father was transferred to another hospital to be tested in advance of open heart surgery.  After the first test, I sat beside him while we waited for the doctor’s prognosis.  As my father lay on the hospital bed looking up at the ceiling lights, he commented, ‘There’s thousands of tiny bugs, tiny particles.  They each seem to have their own mind.  I watched them yesterday and they swarmed together and made designs, little tornadoes and vortexes.’  Surprised, I told my Dad, ‘Your intuition’s kicking in.  You’re seeing energy forms.  You must be looking through your third eye.’  He continued his observation, ‘And there’s a bunch of people to my right.  I can’t quite make them out to see who they are, but they’ve been standing beside me for a while now.”  My heart sank as I realized my father had one foot in the next dimension beyond this lifetime.  The following day, just ten minutes  after I arrived to visit him, he passed away.

When my father had the heart attack, everything else that was going on in my life stopped short.  Thankfully, George, family and friends rallied with support and my company instructed me to, ‘Take what time you need’.  For that I will be forever grateful.

After my father passed away, I wondered if he would get in touch with me somehow, perhaps in my dreams or telepathically.  For ten days, I waited and wondered until finally, on a Thursday morning, he showed up as I was waking up from a dream.  He looked 40 years younger.  He didn’t speak but winked at me.  His image faded and was replaced with a message in white text that read, ‘Wear sunscreen’ and ‘You’re the boss now.’  When I got the message about being the boss, I gulped.  How could I continue on without him?  My father was my anchor.  A retired fighter pilot, survival artist, farmer, avid bird watcher and aircraft designer, he was tough, innovative and resilient.  He taught me ‘don’t be a quitter‘, always ‘tough it out‘ and ‘you’ve got to take a few knocks or your bones will turn to jelly‘.

Until we meet again Dad, I’ll tough it out.   With love and gratitude, your daughter.


  1. I couldn’t help but shed a tear when I read this, because my dad passed away in September for almost a year ago. You are in my thoughts Elizabeth ~ Love, Light & Joy
    From Carina

  2. Carina,
    Thank you for your kind thoughts. Much appreciated. I’m sorry you lost your dad too. My deepest sympathies. We are lucky we had them as parents.
    Love, Light and Joy